Jun 21 2009

Reviewers: Obsessed is Hypnotic, Smooth Summer Anthem!

< > MTV: "Obsessed" With Best Odds to Rule The Summer: 4:1 Mimi returns, this time with an Auto-Tuned kiss-off to wannabe lotharios that will probably be the soundtrack to a million summer hookups and just as many public-intoxication collars. Glossy, flossy and decidedly "urban," Mariah strikes back. Your radio has been warned. – James Montgomery, MTV

Rolling Stone Magazine gives "Obsessed" 3 STARS calling it "the catchiest anti-stalking anthem of the summer" -N. Frehsee, Rolling Stone.

It's hard to find an artist with Carey's track record who seems to deliver consistently over their entire career. Some things just seem to get better with time and I for one have always been as much a fan of MC's lower vocal register as her signature high end power. There's no doubt that Mariah can sing like no one else, but sometimes less is best, as is the case on this hypnotic track that is sure to keep MC fans totally "Obsessed!" BET ON IT! – Bob Burke, FMOB

Despite the harsh words – tossing around digs like “You’re a mom-and-pop, I’m a corporation” – Carey plays it cool on the track that she co-wrote with The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. She coos confidently, riding the laid-back beat, probably holding back the laughs as she insults again. -- Glenn Gamboa, Newsday

This is a feistier Mimi than we're used to, as she comes out firing in the song's opening moments. "Why are you so obsessed with me?"--  Los Angeles Times

The song is rhythmically-driven, mid-tempo slice of summer delight, full of insults delivered in an innocent, sugary sweet questioning way by Carey, which only adds to its appeal.  Melinda Newman, HitFix

Gucci Mane runs roughshold over a more-or-less unaltered version of Mariah's latest single, but his husky voice and sing-song delivery make it sound like a whole different animal. Rolling Stone.
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