Sep 09 2009 Says Mariah’s Performance In Precious Is Amazing!

< > EW's OscarWatchers Dave Karger and his EW film-festival pal Missy Schwartz give a preview of the most anticipated movies at the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept. 10-19). Part I of their report is about the three female-driven standouts one being the Lee Daniels directed film Precious which they say "will certainly have moviegoers buzzing at the Festival and over the next few months." In discussing Precious, they rave about Mariah's impressive performance in the film.

Dave Karger: You and I are also both very impressed with Mariah Carey's performance in this movie.
Missy Schwartz: I couldn't believe that I was looking at Mariah Carey. We're all aware of this superstar-larger-than-life-far-from-down-to-earth persona that she has and it couldn't be further from what we see in this movie. She has straggly hair. She wears ill-fitting frumpy clothes - Rayon, I guess.

DK: Native Rayon which she hated.
MS: I'm not surprised, I would hate them too. And I even detect a little, possibly, maybe it was bad angle, facial hair. It is so unflattering but she's so good and she works it. She plays a social worker who's working with this young, troubled teenager and she's amazing. I wanted to see more of her on screen.

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Precious will screen during the Toronto International Film Festival at the following times: Sunday, Sept. 13, 9:30pm (Roy Thomson Hall) and Monday, Sept. 14, 12:30pm (Winter Garden Theatre). For ticketing information, click here.

Precious is in theaters November 6, 2009

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