Sep 16 2009

'Memoirs' on Rolling Stone's Best Fall Albums

< > The new issue of Rolling Stone magazine (October 2009) lists the best upcoming fall albums, and Mariah's Memoirs of an imperfect Angel, released September 29, 2009 is one of them.

Carey kicks off her 12th album with a dark revenge fantasy: "You gon' get what you deserve, you fucking jerk," she sings on "Betcha Gon' Know." A few tracks later, she's "Inseparable" from her true love. "Each song is like an entry in a private diary," Carey says. The-Dream and Tricky Stewart provide the subtle production, and Seventires R&B singer Minnie Riperton provided Carey's inspiration: "For 'H.A.T.E.U.,' I sing in my upper register," she says, likening it to Riperton's "Lovin' You." As for the title: "Nobody's perfect except God," she says. "I tried to be a good person, but I am definitely no angel!" -- Caryn Ganz.
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