Sep 18 2009

Mariah and Oprah in Central Park, NYC

< > Earlier today, Friday, September 18, Mariah took the stage at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, New York for Oprah Winfrey's special live show from New York City, for the first time in three years! The show started with a spectacular performance by Mariah who was joined by her background singers Maryann, Trey and Sherry as well as the True Worship Church choir to sing her new single "I Want To Know What Love Is".

Fans from all over the country flew in for the special occasion, including four fans from Missouri who had previously begged Oprah to get tickets to see Mariah. Not only did the lucky fans get to meet Mariah up close on the summerstage in NYC, they were invited by Mariah to take part in her upcoming music video, and were given an amazing gift by Oprah: flying to Vegas to see Mariah's concert in October.

Oprah, who recently signed on as an executive producer for the movie Precious showed a clip from the film and talked to Mariah about her appearance in it. Director Lee Daniels nodded in his seat when Mariah talked about how 'ugly' he made her look in her role. Oprah and Mariah were then joined by hubby Nick Cannon for their first television interview as a married couple in which they shared the story of Nick's marriage proposal to Mariah. Right before she said goodbye to the crowd, Mariah presented Oprah with her new perfume Forever and demonstrated the best way of wearing it!

Check out some pics from the show:

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