Sep 21 2009

Important FORUM info for HBF members!

< > Hey Lambs,

We are going to be launching a re-skin of Mariah Carey. com later this week.  We've been keeping the design under wraps, and we're excited to reveal soon!

As part of the site relaunch, we are going to be launching new boards.   This means that in order for us to FULLY MIGRATE all the data, we need to shut the boards down for two days.   That means you're going to go into withdrawal!!

We are shutting down so that we can take the database, and move it over, and test on the new system.   

The site will continue as normal with no interruption - it's just the community that will be unavailable for two days.   

Just in case anything happens, I advise all members to save any important PM's, messages, images, etc.   We don't anticipate any problem, but if you have stuff on here that is super important to you, back it up!

BTW, you will not be losing any features at all, so don't worry :)

Thanks everyone!
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