Sep 28 2009

Jasmine's Adventures with Mimi

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By Jasmine Dotiwala, The Voice Online 

I RECENTLY jumped on a plane to see my American cuz Mariah shut down Toronto Film Festival with her new film, Precious. The film is about a young girl who is abused and has low self-esteem. It’s a story that will have you both crying and laughing, but it’s ultimately full of hope.

Starring new actress Gabourey (Gabby) Sidibe and Robin Thicke’s actress wife Paula Patton, the film sees Mariah playing a social worker called Mrs Weiss. Doesn’t sound too glamorous, does it? It’s not! MC was forced by director Lee Daniels to strip herself of make up, and she was given bags under her eyes, had a faint moustache drawn on, and her hair… well, you’ve got to see for yourselves!

MC had just flown in from her two-night residency at Vegas star spot the Palms Hotel. As soon as she got off her flight, she was shoved into a press photo call and conference with Oprah and Tyler Perry (the executive producers of Precious) and the rest of the cast, plus Mary J Bilge who wrote for the film’s soundtrack. The photo call was breathtaking to watch as the legend that is Oprah generated a feeling of excitement.

Paparazzi were frantically snapping away every time MC spoke, smiled or even nodded!

The screening was amazing. We sat with Oprah and the cast up high in a box, and seeing Lee Daniels’ eyes watering with joy was touching. When it finished, we were all bundled into a waiting convoy of huge black SUV’s, which took us to the private airfield where the jet was waiting to zoom us back to her hometown of New York. Even though the flight was only 45 minutes, MC was out like a light as soon as she slipped under her leopard print duvet. In NYC, we slept until late the next morning before I cooked up some scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast. We stayed at home that day and ate fruit salad and chilled out in the Carey-Cannons rooftop hot tub in our matching Chanel bathing suits. Before MC went to bed, she always insisted on watching her hubby Mr C on America’s Got Talent, which he hosts. What a dutiful wifey, eh? Later the next day, MC had to have a full day’s vocal rest as she was preparing for her Oprah performance later that week. So we hung out on the premise that we wouldn’t speak. At one point, she gestured to me that she had to get through her to-do list at home. Now readers, my to-do list usually reads, “buy food, wash clothes, pay bills’”, etc. MC’s read: “walk the dog, take After taking her dip in the hot tub, her movie of choice was the DVD that Nick made of the two of them. They’re both so loved up!

Then, I had to go out and record links with Channel 4’s Rick Edwards for a couple of hours. Next thing I hear is that MC has put me Twitter blast, saying, “Jasmine has abandoned me. I have to do Oprah tomorrow and my friends are MIA.” Next thing you know, thousands of MC’s fans – otherwise known as lambs – are cussing me! Trust me, I got back fast!

The night before MC had to sing for the Oprah show in Central Park, we didn’t think we would make the 6am sound check if we traveled all the way from her apartment to the park in early morning peak traffic. So we slept at the Plaza Hotel, across the street from the park, to ensure we wouldn’t be late.

MC likes to read her Bible and watch a movie before hitting the pillow, but alas, the hotel was showing Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie Bruno, which just had us busting up laughing and yelping at the nastiness!

The next morning, the glam squad arrived bright and early and we all arrived at Oprah’s set excited in anticipation for the show. Before MC hit the stage, a few very big names including L.A Reid came to wish her well in her star trailer at the side of the stage. Nick had raced from his L.A. show the night before to the airfield, where he had jumped onto a plane through the night and then raced to the park and got in just in time to hit the stage with his wife.

As MC sang her new single I Want To Know What Love Is, she totally shut down all the non-believers, who may have been questioning her recent vocal abilities. I sat next to her mum Ms Carey (hi Pat!), who looked lovely and as proud as ever, as she watched her legendary daughter on stage!

Her voice was strong and sounded amazing even though the Central Park wind was rushing her hard. Twitter was going crazy, raving about how great she looked and how powerful she sounded and I just felt proud and happy that she had reached such another great milestone in her life.

A wonderful husband; a part in a film that has just made history by winning prizes at both the Sundance and Toronto’s film festivals; a fragrance that is outselling the best of them; and a brand new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, which is arguably one of her best works thus far. (Not just coz I get a name check either!)

(Thanks to Alexis from Team Mariah!)
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