Sep 30 2009

Mariah Takes Over Macy's in NYC

< > Tuesday, September 29 will go down as one of the most memorable days both for Mariah Carey and for Macy's store at Herald Square in New York City.

For Mariah, it was the release day of Memoirs of an imperfect Angel, one of her favorite and most personal albums to date, one that she considers to be her best work next to 1997's Butterfly. Macy's Herald Square NY welcomed Mariah to the store in what turned to be their biggest event ever.

But it's Mariah's fans who got the best of both worlds: upon buying packages of Mariah's new fragrance Forever and the new album, fans got the once in a lifetime opportunity to get their CDs signed by Mariah and take pictures with her! As if that's not enough, some lucky fans were chosen to join Mariah as she arrived to Macy's with a very special transportation: a decorated Mimi double decker bus promoting her new album and her new fragrance!  Check out the pictures we have for you from the bus ride, Mariah's arrival and the dedicated fans waiting in line at Macy's to see Mariah!

Check out the photos here!
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