Sep 30 2009

GREAT Mariah Review in People!

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Critics Choice People Magazine - On "Standing O,", a stand out jam on her 12th studio effort, Mariah Carey sarcastically salutes "the man of the hour" for playing for her.  But it's MC who deserves to take a bow: Memoirs ranks with 1995's Daydream and 2005's The Emancipation of Mimi as one of the best start-to-finish albums of her career.  Mostly cowritten and coproduced with The Dream and Tricky Stewart - the hitmaking duo behind Carey's last No. 1 single, "Touch My Body" - the disc has the kind of cohesion and chemistry that Janet Jackson used to have with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis back in the day.   It's a perfect sythesis of old-school Mariah (the Minnie Riperton-inspired ballad "H.A.T.E.U.".) and hip-hop Mariah (the bounce-with-attitude track "Up Out My Face"), minus the guest rappers.  In full vocal flight, she doesn't need them.
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