Oct 06 2009

Mariah Carey angelic at New York show

< > Mariah Carey performed 5 songs in Tribeca to 200 adoring fans Monday night.

The stage was set with glittering gold embellished curtains, the microphone stand encrusted with rhinestones for none other than the imperfect angel herself. Radio contest winners turned out in droves Monday night to see Mariah Carey perform an intimate show in Tribeca.

New York's Power 105.1 put on the event, introducing Mariah as the "biggest female selling artist of all time," and she kicked off the performance with her hit 'Obsessed,' asking the audience, "Why are you so obsessed with me?"

It's hard not to be obsessed. She's known for her powerful voice and, let's be honest, for being a diva. Wearing a zip up leather black minidress, a black patent leather cropped jacket and knee high black boots, the 39-year old songstress belted out the song in front of six backup singers, hitting notes some singers only dream of. For all the flack she's received in recent years, the girl can sing, and she did herself justice.

In between each song the stylist came up on stage to pull down her dress, powder her nose - Mariah exhibiting her great sense of humor, joking all the while - "I can't help it if things pop out!"

"We're gonna take you way back," she announced into her sparkling microphone - one guest guessed it was encrusted with Swarovski crystals - before singing the old favorite "Always Be My Baby." Halfway through the song, she ordered that the music be stopped because she couldn't hear the monitors. When the music stopped her stylist and make-up artist hurried onstage, fluffing her hair and powdering her nose as the sound issue was resolved. "Might as well be a diva moment while we're here," she joked, adding, "How often do you see me this clothed?" To the crowd's delight, instead of picking up where she left off, she sang the entire song again, delivering the hit from her Daydream album.

"I must be a true diva," she said after the song, as her make-up artist, Brigitte touched her up. "Brigitte makes me feel very very upscale when she does my makeup... Nobody ever had powder put on their face before during a concert!"

But the fans love her for it. One concert-goer even had 'Mariah' tattooed on the inside of her lip. "You did not tattoo your lip with Mariah on it!" She said to her adoring fan, adding, "But is your name Mariah too? Ashley?? Hi Ashley."

The third song she sang was "H.A.T.E. U," a new one from her latest album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. "Actually it stands for having a typical emotional upset," Mariah explained. But what does she know about that?

Of course she had her diva moments. She's the quintessential diva, after all. "It would be awesome if all of the ladies in the audience had their hair done while I was singing," she laughed. "And that's why I love you because you put up with all my tomfoolery." But for all the naysayers out there, she looked gorgeous and she sounded great.

She then sang another song from the latest album, her remake of the 1984 Foreigner hit, "I Want To Know What Love Is," reminding the audience of the clever cover choices she's made throughout her career (remember her "Against All Odds" cover from the Rainbow album?) and continues to make.

She dedicated her fifth and final song to the audience, thanking them for "putting up with all the divadom" before singing "We Belong Together." At the end of the show, she told the packed house of two-hundred-something, "I love you, I appreciate you and I enjoy you!"

Mariah, the pleasure is ours.

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