Oct 08 2009

Mariah Launches Groundbreaking 'Mariah Carey Live In Las Vegas'

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Mariah Carey, one of the best selling recording and performing artists of our time will make history, Saturday, Oct. 10, when her performance “Mariah Carey Live In Las Vegas” becomes the first Mariah Carey concert to ever be simulcast to mobile (internet enabled phones) and other digital devices worldwide.  Presented by GDE Partners through their Iviago.com website, in association with the Island Def Jam Group, the digital broadcast, also available in high definition on October 24, will be delivered through Iviago’s virtual global stage, accessible in over 200 countries via more than 235 mobile and digital partners including iClips and iTunes. 


Virtual concert tickets will cost $ 9.99.  They are available by texting Mariah to 313131, through Mariah Carey’s official website MariahCarey.com & Facebook or MySpace page by clicking on the “Mariah Carey Live In Las Vegas” link, or by going directly to www.iviago.com, where a sixty second preview is available for viewing.  The concert stream will be sent on the day of the event to anyone who purchases a ticket, and can be viewed right away or saved for future one-time viewing.  Like other digital video services, the content may be paused mid-stream and continued at a later time, but may not be rewound or replayed once it has been viewed.  In addition, starting October 20, the concert will be also be available as downloadable video clips with a select number of mobile phone carriers in North America, South America and Europe.


“Fans from all over the world can now share the excitement of a live concert, wherever, whenever, and on whatever digital device they chose,” explained Steve Bartels, President/COO, Island Def Jam Music Group.


“Mariah is a great performer to debut our global concert platform,” says Robert Kasher, a partner in GDE. “Her extraordinary worldwide popularity is a perfect fit to showcase this new approach for the dissemination of live music which we believe to be the future of live entertainment.”

The long-awaited, sold-out concert is Mariah’s first major performance in three years.  Recorded live on Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12, it is taken from the first two of her four exclusive concerts at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas, which will conclude with two concerts October 9 and 10.   The concert program being presented will be sixty minutes in length including introduction and will feature her biggest hits, as well as songs from her new CD, Memoirs Of An imperfect Angel, released September 29th on IDJ.



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