Oct 21 2009

Korea's iRiver Releases The Mariah Carey Special Edition N20 MP3 player

< > Mariah teams up with iRiver with the release of the new cutting-edge N20 Mariah Carey Special Edition MP3 player.

The Mariah Carey Special Edition N20 MP3 player byiRiver is available now and includes 17 pre-loaded tracks from the new album Memoirs of an imperfect Angel.  The N20 pendant-shaped MP3 player is tiny in size (26x55.5x13mm), weighs 30g, and has 4GB of memory. Features include a sleek metal casing, high-volume headphones, tiny OLED display (120×56mm), MP3/WMA compatibility, an FM tuner and a microphone.  It is a fashionable and stylish new MP3 player which provides outstanding sound quality. As Mariah is THE vocalist who can transcend all ranges and is at the same time a style icon, iRiver found Mariah to be the best artist to collaborate with on its new cutting-edge product.
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