Oct 25 2009

Mimi Commotion in Brazil as Mariah Does Fashion Rocks

< >  Mariah's arrival in Brazil on Thursday caused a great commotion in the city of Rio De Janeiro with a huge crowd of fans and photographers who were waiting for Mimi to leave the Tom Jobim International Airport.

The next day, Mariah left her Copacabana Palace Hotel for rehearsals for the Fashion Rocks show. She was greeted by fans with flowers, letters and gifts.On Saturday, October 24, Mariah headlined Oi Fashion Rocks at the Jockey Club in Rio de Janeiro. She closed the show with a big showcase, performing her hit songs "Obsessed," "Touch My Body," and "Fantasy" (Remix) which she performed with students from the Rio Grande Samba School.

Click on the links below to watch Mariah's performances:
Obsessed and Touch My Body
Fantasy Remix

Pictures below are of Mariah's arrival at the Rio airport, leaving the hotel for rehearsals, and leaving with Nick for the Fashion Rocks show.

To see the rest of the photos, check out the Photos page!

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