Nov 11 2009

Mariah Carey launches her newest fragrance, Forever, in the UK, exclusively with Boots.

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Mariah Carey and Boots will host an evening celebration for the launch of Forever on November 19th at Westfield Mall.

Starting 10am TODAY, November 16th, with a £25 purchase of the Forever fragrance, enter to win the chance to meet Mariah Carey in person! Be one of the lucky 250 fans to meet Mariah and receive a signed Forever ad and a photo with the star herself!
On Monday morning, log on to, and prior to 10:00pm Tuesday 17th November 2009, enter your name, email address and contact number along with the 14 digit number on the bottom left-hand corner of the receipt above the barcode. The 250 lucky winners will be notified by email by 5:00pm Tuesday 17th November 2009 with details of how to collect their pass to "Meet Mariah Carey."  Terms & Conditions.
The Forever fragrance is sold exclusively at 3 key Boots locations – Westfield, Oxford Street, and Liverpool Street. The Forever fragrance will be available for purchase on Monday, November 16, 2009.
Exclusive opportunity for HBF members
Honey B. Fly is holding 10 wristbands to the Forever fragrance event at Westfield London so if you are a member of Honey B. Fly and will be in London on November 19th email us at with the following info to submit your entry:       

Subject Line: Mariah Forever Fragrance Event @ Westfield London

A copy of your Boots receipt showing your Forever fragrance purchase
Your HBF member name
Your date of birth
Email address
Phone Number

Your entry must be submitted by 10:00pm ET Tuesday, November 17th.
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