Nov 20 2009

Mariah Takes Memoirs to Paris

< > Earlier this week, Mariah arrived in Paris, France to promote her album Memoirs of an imperfect Angel. Hubby Nick joined her in the most romantic city in the world as MC met her fans and talked to the French media about everything from her new album, to the new movie and even her bodyguard Rob!

The couple interviewed together on Skyrock Radio where they talked about visiting the Eifel Tower and enjoying Paris.

The next day, Mariah arrived at the NRJ studios and interviewed with the morning show "Le 6/9." Click on the below links to see Mariah talk about different topics on the show.

About the movie Precious
About the NRJ Music Awards 2010 in Cannes
About Michael Jackson and This is it
About Twitter
About Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

To wrap up her short visit, Mariah appeared on the live show "Le Grand Journal." The show aired a funny clip showing Mariah's bodyguard Rob making sure she watches her steps when she's focused on talking to fans! Click here to watch Mariah's appearance on the show.

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