Nov 24 2009

HBF Winner Mini Meets Mariah In London

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HBF Member Mini from Spain, traveled to London for Mariah’s recent promotional trip. Mini wrote us her recap of her adventures in London seeing Mariah in various places and even getting to meet her through the HBF contest for the Westfield London event: 

This past week has been one of the most amazing ones ever! I flew from Gran Canaria, Spain to London for Mariah's second week of her European promotional tour. During second leg of her UK visit, Mariah did a lot of press & radio interviews, guest appearance on Alan Carr's Chatty Man, plus a signing and photo session at Westfield's Shopping Center.

Monday 16 November, 2009 - I arrived in London and met a friend up, he had already bought the "Forever" fragrance for me just to make sure we had our entry for the contests.

Tuesday 17 November, 2009 - I went to Boots to buy a few more bottles of the "Forever" fragrance in order to enter the HBF contest and the draw which had been organized by Westfield. This time they were for some friends who could come over later on. By the way, I have to say that I agree with Mariah because this is her best perfume ever! I really love how it smells! My favorite among the three of them! After doing some shopping during the day, some fans and I decided to go to The Dorchester hotel to greet her. Around 1am Mariah arrived with her hubby Nick Cannon after doing some promotion in France. She was stunning!!! Nick helped her to get out of the car and go into the hotel. 

Wednesday 18 November, 2009 - Around noon, I was contacted from Honey B. Fly as I was selected for the "Forever" contest!!! OMG! I got really excited!! But that wasn't all as I was also selected by Westfield!! I had won the same competition! So since I won two wristbands for the same competition, I gave the Westfield wristband to a friend of mine who hadn't won. I had also gotten tickets for the signing session!! So everything was perfect!! I would see Mariah twice on stage!! I just couldn't believe it!!

Later on, since I had gotten tickets for Alan Carr, where Mariah would also perform, my friends and I went to the studios around 6pm. We met Trey and Sherri backstage and got a few pictures taken. Trey was so funny and sang a few lines in Spanish. Once we all were sat and everything was ready, Alan first came in and said hi to the audience. He introduced Mariah who first performed live "I Want To Know What Love Is." Everybody stood up when she came onto the stage. She totally rocked her performance and sounded amazing!!! A gospel choir joined Mimi on stage at the end of the song and it ended with a rain of butterfly-confetti. This was my first show ever on the "tele" (said with an English accent). So far it has been the best one ever! The interview lasted around 20-30 minutes and it was so funny. You could feel there is a really good chemistry between Alan and Mariah. I enjoyed their jokes, some of them were really hilarious. The interview is already online but it's a shame that it has been cut off, the whole interview was a must see! There was also a really good connection between Mariah and the audience as she answered some of their questions while recording the show. The moment I enjoyed the most was when Alan opened Mariah's new champagne, "Angel" and when they spoke on the phone. It was so hilarious!! At the end, she said goodbye to everyone and she left the studios.

Thursday 19 November, 2009 - In the evening I went to Westfield to collect my HBF wristband for the "Forever" photo session & was on time to see Mariah arriving the atrium, where she would sign and take pictures with winners. When we got there, a dj was playing Mariah's music and finally, DJ and TV host Trevor Nelson introduced Mariah. She came out and the crowd went totally crazy! The shopping center was full of fans and people who wanted to see her switching the lights on! According to some UK press reports nearly 30K turned up to see Mariah... I never seen such a crowd in a mall before. 

There were posters of "Memoirs" and butterflies everywhere!!! I really loved the decoration! A few minutes after her arrival, she came out again and, after saying a few words to greet the audience, we all joined her by doing the countdown to switch on the Christmas lights. Helped by a huge wand, she officially switched the lights on! "All I want for Christmas is you" was being played on the background and she sang a few lines. A few minutes later, she came out once again to do the signing session and the Forever photo session. She was so sweet and interacted with her fans. Mariah autographed the album cover of "Memoirs" and I got the Forever picture with all my crew from Mariah Connection. It was such a wonderful experience! Once Mariah was finished, she said goodbye and left the Westfield Shopping Centre.

Once we left the mall, I checked my twitter account and read Jasmine's messages. Mariah was coming back to her hotel to watch her appearance on the Alan Carr show and get ready for the party. So, my friends and I took a taxi and were waiting for her until she came out. She posed for paparazzies and signed some autographs. An hour and a half later, there were just a few of us and some paparazzies and again she stopped to pose and sign. It was late but she still was so nice with us. That is a fact that I love about Mariah, no matter what time is it, wherever she is, she will stop and sign!!

So again, I have to thank Mariah for being so great with her fans, for being such a nice and sweet person! And, of course, thanks to Honey B. Fly because none of this would have happened if it wasn't for the best club ever!!

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