Jan 04 2010

Mariah On The Cover of Pride Magazine

< > Mariah graces the January issue of the UK's Pride Magazine, available on newsstands now!

Confessions of a DIVA

Mariah Carey has a lot of stuff going on right now but still found time to talk with Cynthia Lawrence. They talk about Mariah's performance in "Precious", how Sidney Poitier told Mariah he didn't recognize her in the movie, about Mariah's sense of humor and of course - the diva rumors:

---- Our tete-a-tete inevitably moves to the diva myth that surrounds the superstar. "I've been a diva since I was three. And what?" she laughs. "The true meaning of a diva is a talented female singer. My mother sang opera, and so all my life I heard my mother going, 'Oh, she is very much the diva,' way before they had Divas Live." But that's not the definition of diva we're talking about! What of the rumours that Mariah demands fresh flowers in each hotel room? "People give me flowers upstairs, but I didn't say I wanted that!" Oh, and she gets her assistant to pick out the blue M&Ms... "Blue M&Ms? Do they even exist? I don't really eat chocolate M&Ms. Here comes my diva," she jokes. "A diva would be like [she waves a manicured hand and taps her nearly empty wine glass], 'Rachel, wine, I need more wine!' We all have it in us." She gets up to refill her glass, offering me a top-up before tottering back to the sofa, legs curled back under her. "I'll tell you this." She leans forward as if sharing a secret: "I think that's sexist. There are a lot of difficult male divas out there, but no one says anything about them. See, I don't take this shit seriously." ----

Pick up your copy of the magazine to read the entire article. Click on the links below to view scans of the cover and the article.

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