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Fans Review Mariah's ''Angels Advocate'' Tour Stops in NY, NJ, CT

< > Madison Square Garden, NY - 12/31/09

Front row tickets winner - cocohoney2
December 29, 2009 Congratulations Corlissa W.! Corlissa whose HBF member name is cocohoney2 won a pair of front row tickets to Mariah's New Year's Eve concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

There's nothing like being able to experience "the voice" live. And I have heard that voice perform live so many times before but never this up-close and personal. I was delighted to already be going to the concert at MSG but was a little disappointed that I wasn't close to the stage. Until I got that one phone call on a Sunday afternoon and it was HoneyBFly."Congratulations you won front row tickets to see Mariah Carey on NYE" I couldn't believe it I just kept saying omg are you serious, thank you so much. Now I had the opportunity to take my friends with me which made the party more fun.Thursday night arriving at MSG early, there was already a long line to check in; the atmosphere was full of fans eager to get to their seats. In the lobby area they played Mariah songs the whole time and I loved it. They played Emotions and I kept talking about it the whole night, irking my friends telling them Mariah has not perform that song since "1901" It would be perfect if she performs it tonight. So we finally get to our seats and I couldn't believe that we were dead center! When HBF said front row that could have been anywhere but it was the best seats in the house and we sat right next to MC's good friend Stephen Hill.

Approximately 9:15pm the show begins with Nick Cannon brother's group Rydaznrtist follow by Trey Songz who my friend loves and adores. But I was just waiting for the dolphin women to make her way on the stage. So finally I hear this Christmas like music and the crowd begins to scream but I had no idea why they were screaming until my friend tells me to look up, and who else is it flying across our heads in a red sleigh? MC of course!Singing "All I want for Christmas Is You". The audience was so delighted and some reaching up to the touch the "Angel" in the sky. Next she performed Shake it off, follow by Touch My Body, Make It Happen and several other hits. The show is going along smoothly and I'm rocking out until my friend taps me, she shows me the time and it reads 11:56pm I'm like omg MC is going to miss the countdown why is she still performing? But she didn't! 20,000 on their feet counting down the new year 5,4,3,2,1 BOOM!!! Happy New Year! There were explosions, which scared the heck out of me, and Pink confetti was flying everywhere with matching balloons to go along. Can MC have done it anymore festive? Her family and friends joined her on stage and began dancing to Migrate then "More than just friends" came on, I was singing the M-I-M-I-M-I part and she told me "come, you know this song" omg I couldn't imagine if I had gotten the chance to go on stage. Ha! And I thought that was going to be the highlight of my night. So MC is telling Ms Debbie Allen we should do an old school song, and I was yelling Emotions for the Nostalgia, of course she couldn't hear me but she was definitely with me because I couldn't believe my ears, I begin screaming at the top of my lungs Emotions it's Emotions! This was the song that was my first memory of Mariah, this is why as a child I thought she was half dolphin! She sung it beautifully I felt like I was in the "Here is Mariah Carey" NBC special. The whistles were lovely and I begin to tear up. I'm still in disbelief that she performed this song. And what better way to end the night then inspiring hope for the New Year with "Hero"

After the show all my friends ran up to me and was like omg can't you believe she performed Emotions and you kept talking about it, I was like I know this was my best New Year ever. I honestly had the best time of my life, this wasn't just a concert; it was a celebration for MC and the Lambs... Happy 20th anniversary...
Thanks HBF For the awesome opportunity to bring in the New Year front row with Mariah.

New Year's Eve show in New York was AMAZING!!! I was completely happy! It's amazing how much Mariah can lift my spirits... no matter what is going on!!! The show was amazing, she looked GREAT... Nick and her were cute on stage together at one point too. Also, she spoke to us quite often which was nice...and even made jokes about nobody knowing the New Years Eve song and about people calling her a Diva so she 'might as well be a Diva' lol. My seats were great, 2nd section on the floor. All in All...NEW YORK SHOW WAS AMAZING...I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET MARIAH RINGING IN MY 2010!!! Best of luck to all of you as the tour continues on... you will have an AMAZINGLY Great NIGHT WITH Mimi!!!

Taifa Savage, Team Mariah
From the moment she cascaded through the air on the shiny red sleigh I was in disbelief. I had heard some bars from the beginning of Butterfly so I thought she was opening with that song. I was dazed as I watched her sing “All I want for X-Mas Is You”.  Then the bottom part of her red evening gown was ripped off to reveal a hot red short number and she started to sing, “Shake it off and Touch My Body”.

My heart was touched by the way she received the praise. After the first 4 songs she looked teary eyed because she could feel the love and appreciation from her fans. She nailed every song, effortlessly.  Why were people were wondering if she still had it? MCC has NEVER lost it and even on a bad day she still sounds better than any other vocalist out!

I'm happy that she stayed and welcomed in the New Year with us. When she sang We Belong Together, Emotions, Hero, I was really moved. I was looking at her face on the big screen and she hit every note on perfect pitch. Absolutely unforgettable, Mariah is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

Borgota, NJ - 01/02/10

This is the 8th time I've seen Mariah perform a full concert and it was the absolute best. I would say that the New Year's Eve show was the absolute worst of the eight shows I've seen, so I was beside myself with joy at just how wonderful this show was tonight.

"My All" was absolutely brilliant, and it's one of my mom's favorites, so she was very, very happy Mariah brought it back to the set list. "It's a Wrap" was just awesome - I loved the campy little skit she did with the guy playing her two-timing boyfriend.

"Obsessed" was off the hook; I love Mariah just as much when she's off-kilter and the performance is imperfect, but this performance was perfect; pure smoking hotness! She looked like a barbie doll for most of the night, did I mention that? :) She hit the notes awesomely.

I also love the "Daydream Interlude," so it was exciting to see her open the show with it! "Always Be My Baby" was awesome as usual, and it got an awesome crowd response - this was the best casino crowd I've ever seen, so enthusiastic. They loved every minute of Mariah's performance. She absolutely nailed "Emotions" before launching into "Obsessed," and she prefaced "We Belong Together" by modestly, but proudly, mentioning how she recently read it was the biggest hit of the decade. It made my spine tingle to hear her say that; I am proud to be a fan, and I am proud of Mariah.At times like that I remember people telling me that her career was finished and I always told them they were wrong. In fact, in January 2005 a woman saw my Mariah postage stamp and said "Mariah? She done!" and I said "You just wait and see." :)

Needless to say, she blew "We Belong Together" out of the park. There were a bunch of enthusiastic fans in the audience and I believe we pleased Mariah very much, because when she is pleased to see really enthusiastic fans up close and into the show the concerts are always much improved as a result.

It was a killer, killer night. Mariah? Hot, sexy, cool, glamorous, appreciative, focused, on point, professional in performance, typically (and, to fans, by now, endearingly) unprofessional in arrival time. The set list? Awesome, diverse, hits-filled and unpredictable at the same time.

I feel so blessed and happy that I made it, and I am so pleased my mom joined me for the show.

I was there, I've seen Mariah live many times, and I have to agree... she was truly amazing!!! This had to be the best I've seen her in a long time, vocally and lively.

~ It's a Wrap, to me is just such a great song live!
~ Emotions!! I almost died... lol

Anyhow... it was Fantastic!

I loved everything about the show. I loved Always Be My Baby, I had 7th row and I was waving that flashing stick so she started waving back with me. She really interacted with the crowd well. Emotions was off the hook, just perfect. I loved how some people thought she was done after We Belong Together, and then came back for an encore of Hero. That was phenomenal I thought, as always. It's a Wrap was great, and It's Like That was awesome and got the crowd moving.

MGM Grand, Foxwoods, CT - 01/16/10

I had a great time at the MGM show on January 16. I had fourth row seats, all thanks to the HBF presale. I met a fan (the girl who was sitting next to me) and we chatted all night about Mariah-it was so much fun! Mariah was amazing. That's basically it. She put on a wonderful show and I loved every millisecond of it. Check out Carrie's pictures from the show here.
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