Jan 22 2010

Fan Review: Mariah at Hard Rock Live in Florida

< > HBF and Team Mariah member kmullings (Kathryn) shared her review of Mariah's Florida concert with us.

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I decided it would be a good idea to meet some HBF lambs before the show, so I had arranged a small get-together at a nearby restaurant, and for those who were unable to attend later met us inside the venue. Success! I ended up meeting Lambie(:, raspberryswirl, and pinkiepink, and I already knew Alexis from college. I arrived at the Hard Rock early to beat the crowd and pick up my ticket at Will Call. I had a pretty good view of the stage. I was pleasantly surprised when the opening act, Rydaznrtist, started just a little after 8... and even more surprised that we didn't have to wait too much longer to see Mariah. As soon as the crowd saw "MARIAH" flash across the curtain, we knew it was almost showtime! A few minutes later, Mariah descended from the air on her swing. The energy levels throughout the venue were simply incredible, especially on the floor! The entire show was amazing and I loved the setlist!! I especially loved that she did a lot of older songs as the crowd seemed more receptive then; she sang something for everyone. The highlight of my night, however, was her performance of "Fly Like A Bird" - it became my favourite song after seeing it live twice during 'The Adventures of Mimi' tour, and I get goosebumps every time! I also enjoyed "Angels Cry" (another one of my favourites) and the aerial acrobats were awesome! Mariah was nothing short of spectacular, and if I won the lotto, I be present at every one of her shows!

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