Jan 25 2010

UK Release Of LOVESONGS Compilation In-stores On Feb. 8

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UK fans we have the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you!

On February 8th, Mariah releases LoveSongs, the perfect gift for Valentine's lovers. A compilation of classic songs from the acclaimed singer songwriter, the album features beautiful ballads including Mariah's signature love song "My All."

It also includes many of the outstanding tracks she recorded during her time at Sony Music, an era that propelled her from a young girl into an international superstar to become the biggest selling female artist of all time. 

Hit singles included on LoveSongs are "Hero," "Vision of Love," "Without You," "Dreamlover," the landmark duet "One Sweet Day," featuring Boyz II Men and many others. LoveSongs is a repackaging of Mariah's hit compilation Ballads re-released in time for Valentine's Day. This collection of songs was the soundtrack for a generation to fall in love to, back in the 90s, and will be all over again for the next generation this Valentine's Day.

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