Jan 29 2010

Team Mariah Members Review ''Angels Advocate'' Concerts

< > Read about fans' experiences from Mariah's Florida and Washington D.C shows from her "Angels Advocate" tour. Please keep sending us your reviews at TeamMariah@mariahcarey.com .

Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, FL - 01/21/10
Miguel Angel, Peru

When I saw Mariah coming down, I was speechless and so many things passed through my mind and I could see her so close, Oh my God, I didn't know she was going to be more beautiful in person and then when this never expected song started I was like "you have to be kidding me... it's Daydream Interlude!" There were songs that I really love and I thought she wasn't going to sing them like "The Impossible." When she presented it and it started, my reaction was "no no no" gosh (it was my highlight), thank you Mariah! When she sang "Fly Like A Bird" and "We Belong Together" and actually all the songs I was so pleased oh my god, the voice is amazing and unbelievable, it is unique, it is THE VOICE. It is unbelievable that one of my dreams has come true, Thank you Mariah, I will always love you!

Perry Uwanawich
Sequins, record breaking high notes, and signature hand movements speckled Mariah's performance at Hard Rock Live on Thursday, January 21st. The Diva effortlessly transitioned through decades of her beloved hits, including "My All," "Honey," "Emotions," and song of the decade, "We Belong Together," before an absurdly diverse crowd.  She empathically broached the tragedy in Haiti, and dedicated a touching Cirque Du Soliel-esque aerial performance of "Angels Cry" to those affected by the earthquake.

The show came to a start as fans roared cheers of excitement as the first high note was hit by the star, who began the concert in a lavishly layered white tulle and gold bodice gown, descending onto the stage on a swing- an imperfect angel; a later reveal of a short ruffled gold dress beneath lead into "Shake You Off."  She changed into a silver sequin number and whipped out the diamond studded microphone and stand during "Make it Happen".

As the concert wound to an end with a standing ovation and riotous shouts for an encore performance, Carey walked back on stage and performed a flawless rendition of "Hero," a finale of a note to the songbird's routine. Thus, the imperfect angel fluttered away like a butterfly, into the arms of Cannon, who was backstage, and on her way to the next concert in Detroit by way of her 20-bus fleet.

Brendan Swift
It's been three years since we have seen her do a full set!  The anticipation was killin' me! I had a fourth row center seat. Probably one of the best seats in the house! I sat next to Karen (Sweetdestiniee from HbFly) and it was awesome to talk with her and to finally meet her... Such a cool and down to earth girl.

This was the most interactive I have seen M be with an audience in a long time. This was my 8th time seeing her live, and I just could not get over her presence. From the moment she arrived down on stage till the end the crowd was PUMPED and either dancing in their seat or up ON THEIR FEET!!!
The show went by pretty fast, but it could have lasted six hours and it still would have felt like fifteen minutes. Overall, it was the best show I have seen her do since 2000's Rainbow at MSG in New York. I will add that I was very happy about "Always Be My Baby" being added as it holds a special place for me with my daughters. Some highlights and amazing tracks for me were "Fly Like a Bird", "Angels Cry" (for my Molly), "Touch My Body", "The Impossible", "It's a Wrap", "Obsessed" and "We Belong Together"!

Vocally, she nailed them all and these performances were FLAWLESS! Early on in the show, I yelled out "I Love You" and M stopped talking, looked down at me and said, "I Love You Too..."  Definitely a highlight for Swifty. M joked about the splashes here and there and what I liked the most was her lack of seriousness. She had fun and you can tell how free she feels. It is very evident. Our girl has still got it and I do not forecaste her losing any bit of it anytime soon... She looks hotter than ever... and she SOUNDED AMAZING! After the show my mother was in complete awe. She said: "I can't even know what to say...!"  She just couldn't believe the performance and how the crowd responded to her and she was simply floored by M's vocals. Overall, Swifty was floored by the show. Sherry and Trey also dis a great job.

Giancarlo Lalsingh, Tobago
I've been a Mariah fan 20 years strong. I flew 4000 miles from the little island of Tobago and finally after all those years, got to see Mariah Perform at the Hollywood Hard Rock! MARIAH WAS JUST AMAZING. Her voice was on top form (as always), she looked great, she sang new songs, old songs, hit the high notes, cracked jokes, made fun of herself and to top it off, her encore of HERO has got to be one of my Top 5 things I've ever seen, heard or done in my life!!! Thank You Mariah for one of the most special memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC - 01/27/10
Natasha Carter
Tonight I was at Mariah's concert in Washington DC and OMG it was breathtaking. She came out wearing an elegant gold gown on a swing. Never seen anything like it. Nick was also there and she dedicated a song to him. Trey Lorenz also did a peformance dedicated to MJ. Mariah kiled it. She interacted with the crowed and joked. She sang a lot of songs - new and old. "Up Out My Face", "We Belong Together", "Angels Cry", "Obsessed", "Touch My Body", "Heartbreaker" and more. I was blown away and every outfit was to die for.
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