Jan 29 2010

Press Reviews for Mariah's Washington D.C. Show

< > Mariah Carey sparkles at DAR Constitution Hall
Mariah Carey kick-started her 90-minute set with "Shake It Off," a strutting 2005 kiss-off that felt both cocky and carefree.

Delivered in the breathy coo that's become her trademark in recent years, Carey used her voice to quickly establish a casual intimacy with the audience, as if she were whispering the song's verses in the crowd's collective ear.

The audience replied with shouts, and screams of "I love you Mariah!!!" that not only got the singer's attention, but a smile and a finger wave, too.

Diamonds covered almost all of Carey's accouterments: her microphone, her microphone stand, her shoes, even the earpiece she wore so she could hear her backing band as they chipped away on an elevated platform behind her.

Carey imbued the "Memoirs" tunes with a fresh zeal. "It's a Wrap" suddenly felt almost as dynamic and spry as "Heartbreaker" or "Honey," the two bona fide hits that preceded it.

Carey went easy on the ballads, slipping into a robe and parking herself in a seat for "My All." The song pushed the singer through almost every strata of her register and after its big finish, she was carried offstage in the arms of a dancer. Turns out, he was whisking Carey away for her third and final costume change of the night.

Reversing the one-two punch she delivered at Verizon in 2006, Carey closed the set with the unimpeachable "We Belong Together" and encored with the power ballad "Hero."

Excited fans rushed the aisles with their camera phones, angling for the closest shot they could get. Carey's black, sequined dress became a disco ball, reflecting hundreds of camera flashes back into the crowd as she hit the song's sentimental crescendo.

The superstar waved good night and feet began shuffling to the exits.

"Did you see how close I was?" one aisle-crashing teen asked her friend, positively beaming.

--By Chris Richards, The Washington Post.
Photo: Mark Gail, the Washington Post

Concert review: Mariah Carey at DAR Constitution Hall
The legendary songstress Mariah Carey gave a somewhat spirited performance last night during her 90-minute show at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington.

At times, Carey was magical. She showed off the incredible vocal range that has made her arguably one of the top female vocalists of her time.

Carey was golden when she performed hits like "Shake It Off" and "It's Like That" from 2005's "Emancipation of Mimi" and "Touch My Body" from 2008's E=MC². They were all crowd pleasers.

On more than one occasion, Carey attempted to show off her whistle register (when she hits those really, really high notes). When Carey began a song with the whistle register, like she did with "It's A Wrap," she was golden.

--By John Williams, The Baltimore Sun.
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