Feb 05 2010

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< > Kevin Rozan - Wang Theatre, Boston, MA - 01/30/10
BREATH TAKING is how I can best describe Mimi's show in Boston. She was in an excellent mood and was laughing and joking. She gave us way more than I ever expected. When the curtain opened we all stood up to welcome Mariah, but we never sat down until the end of the show (expect during a 1-2min interlude while she was backstage). When the show started I couldn't realize that I was there and that Mariah was just in front of me.

She came down from the ceiling in a gorgeous gold dress and a curly hairstyle that just suited her and revealed even more the beauty of her dress. I was seeing an Angel!! She sang the first notes and from then I was flying. She sang new and old songs such as "It's A Wrap", "The Impossible", "Emotions" and "My All". It was my first concert of Mariah! I had been waiting for the moment for 10 years since I fell in love with the voice, the lyrics.

I had the chance to be seated in the first row. That is such an experience! My favorite moment was when she sang my favorite song, "My all": She was seated in chair on the stage. She was like 7 feet away from me, her chair pointing in my direction. At some moment she was looking at me when was singing my favorite song. I thought I was about cry. I can't wait to see her again in Montreal!

Edwin M - DAR Constitution Hall, Washington D.C. - 01/27/10
AMAZING SHOW! I was so fortunate to gets seat soo close to Mariah! (right side stage, front row) I loved all the songs she performed!

During the begining of her show, when she sang "Shake It Off" I did wave at her and she actually waved back! Also before she sang "Angels Cry" my best friend who accompanied me to the concert yelled out "I love you Mariah!" and she responded "I love you too!"

Mariah is such a kind and genuine person! One of my all time favorite songs "Always Be My Baby" was such a crowd pleaser! Loved the four outfit changes! All in all Mariah Carey conitues to be the best singer in the WORLD! Mariah come back to DC soon! Love You.

Tina L - Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY - 12/31/09
Check out Mariah's fans Katrina (Tina), Davidia, Larrin, Michelle, Ciara, Christine, and Laura who dressed as "Bianca's Angels" to Mariah's Madison Square Garden show in New York City on New Year's Eve 2010:

Philadelphia City Paper - Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA - 02/01/10
Make no mistake: Carey was in control of all times. If the instrumentation build a formidable wall of sound, it was only because she has the voice to cut through it. She was loose between songs but tight during them: you had the feeling they would sound the same every night on tour, each note and each slur in its assigned place.

The Gazette - Bell Centre, Montreal, QC - 02/04/10
Carey's music is infectious and cannily persuasive enough to do the form justice. Even after 13 years, you'd have to be a hopeless purist not to be seduced by Always Be My Baby, which was mostly delivered as Carey reclined invitingly in a love seat. And if the hook in Obsessed or the sweet, anthemic We Belong Together don't do anything at all for you, maybe you're just not being fair. Not to forget Touch My Body, an irresistibly catchy song, effective even without the video antics of 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer.

Carey even had the sense of humour to playfully send up her image last night, after Always Be My Baby, by having two flunkies come out to dab her face and touch up her hair. "Wouldn't you do the same if you were me?," she asked, to cheers. The star and the little people is, as always, the operative dynamic in a Carey concert.

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