Feb 10 2010

Press Reviews for Mariah's Toronto Show

< > A classy, grown-up Mariah Carey hides her diva label
--By Ashante Infantry, The Toronto Star

Mariah Carey appeared and delivered her classiest, most grown-up show yet.

Kudos to the director of this well-crafted concert billed as the Angels Advocate Tour – named for Carey's forthcoming remix album. It's a tasteful, yet unpredictable showcase for the talent behind a 12-album catalogue which includes 18 No. 1 Hot 100 hits (second only to The Beatles).

Gone are the skimpy outfits, stuffed animals and over-the-top skits; replaced with smooth segues and an artfully draped Vegas style set.

Buoyed by the sexy, high-energy choreography of 10 dancers, and a tight seven-piece band, Carey, 39, her buxom figure clad in glittery gowns or cocktail dresses, was mostly bump with little grind, keeping the focus on her golden voice.

She apologized repeatedly for having a cold, but it was evident mainly when she spoke; and didn't prevent her from hitting those impossible whistle notes.

For Mariah Carey, the angel is in the details
--By Brad Wheeler, The Globe And Mail

Carey, long hair swooped to her left shoulder and a cleavage that shouted “you wish," sure was something. After her dreamy entrance, male dancers removed the floor-sweeping ruffles of her gown and the show began in earnest. The song was the heavily rhythmic, modern R&B tune Shake it Off, and although the chart-dominating singer shook her hips a bit, her high-heeled feet budged not an inch.

Then she spoke, adorably, about having a “little cold." She sipped tea, said she was dealing with it and asked a half-full arena of worshippers to “have a little mercy." It was a rhetorical appeal – the fans' compassion for her is unconditional.

Carey saved her best for last. The slow jam We Belong Together was impassioned, and 1993’s Hero was unstoppably affecting and gospel-y crescendo-ballad.

Angels Advocate is the name of her current tour and forthcoming remix-and-duets album. Angels advocates, you bet, Carey is blessed by them. To their hearts and minds, the recording artist with a voice heaven-sent can do no wrong.
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