Feb 27 2010

Fans Review Mariah's Tour Stops in QC, IL, TX & AZ!

< > Bell Centre, Hollywood, QC - 02/04/10
Philip Mundiyamkal - HBF Front Row Tickets Winner
Wow... what a week it was! On Friday, I got a call from a LiveNation correspondent telling me I won Front Row tickets to Mariah's concert on the 4th of February in Montreal. I literally screamed with sheer excitement because I've never been front row in my life.

The show started to play with "RydaznRtist" at 8:00pm. They were actually really good, I was surprised. I'm going to buy their album when it comes out! After the end of each song, everyone started cheering for Mariah. And that was between 8:15 and 9:20pm. Soon after, Mariah came out!

Mariah really stunned by coming out from so high and "so far, so far" and the Daydream interlude started playing. She came out in a magnificent gold fluffy dress covering her whole bottom half of the body. She ripped off the bottom to make it into a miniskirt like dress. What a great way to start and then she went into "Shake it Off" and the energy was SO HIGH! She was moving around and being sexy. That's the Mariah I love to see! She would during, many songs, look at me (I hope lol) and dance and sing the lyrics with me because I knew the lyrics to the songs word for word as well! It was so wonderful.

Then she raised her playfulness when "Touch my Body" came on. She would point the mike at us when the "I will hunt you down" line came on. It's an infamous line because of her! After Touch My Body ended, she then talked to us about why she was late: She was shooting the video to the Haiti single she's a part of and that she slept in and was late to rehearsal etc. It was very understandable and noble of her to give us a reason. She then started to talk about how inspirational and beautiful "Fly Like a Bird" was to her and that she hopes we like it too. Then she did such an amazing performance of it. My twin sister was crying during the performance.

She then left the stage while the "Make it Happen" instrumental started playing with the dancers dancing to it. At the climax Mariah walked out in full force singing with such amazingness.

She then went into "Angels Cry" which was one of the highlights of the show because of the ending where she belted out for forever! She started walking to a table that had some water in a glass "Don't worry, it's not champagne, but I'm not saying there isn't champagne here!" she said talking to the audience getting prepared to sing "Always Be My Baby", for which the crowd went wild! At the end of Always be my Baby, she talked to the audience about for the first time on the tour, she's taking a break in one city and that she wanted to know a good place to eat. I shouted "My home!" but she didn't hear but she did hear about Crescent street but she heard "Chris on Crescent" which, by the way, there's no such thing haha. But what great interaction she had with the audience.

She performed later on "It's Like That" and exited the stage and came back to sing "The Impossible" and it went into the Reprise in which she introduced Trey Lorenz in a singing manner. It was so great seeing her sing Trey's Introduction. After Treys wonderful "Rock With You" cover,

Mariah came and sang "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker" (which was my favorite performance that day), "Honey", "My All" (which she sultrily did on a chair) and left the stage again. Then I thought I heard the intro to Vision of love begin to play but it ended up going straight to "Obsessed" after we heard the iconic line "And I was like, Why you so Obsessed with me?". And the crowd went wild!

She then told us about how we may or may not know the next song that was very popular. It was "We Belong Together", and if you don't know that song, you're living in a cave! She did it beautifully. At the end she said thank you Montreal, I love you and proceeded to leave the stage until someone threw a wrist band as a gift to her, Mariah looked at it and picked it up and left the stage. Then everyone was cheering so much for a minute and then Mariah came out again saying she had to sing "Hero". It was the most beautiful performance of Hero I've ever seen. I was in tears. She did an AMAZING job!


Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL - 02/14/10
Adnan Nazeer (glitternan on HBF)
The show was amazing!!!!  MCC's voice was top notch and it just an amazing experience to see her from where I was sitting which was second row! I had the pleasure of seeing Mariah on Feb. 14th during her Valentines day show in Chicago.  The most memorable moments for me were during "Honey" and "We Belong Together."  While performing both she literally was singing to me!  You may think I am crazy, but she looked right at because I was singing right along with her.  At one point she even pointed her "studded" mike at me to sing along!!!  I was freaking out!!!!!! It was an Adnan/MIMI moment.  After the concert we went and waited outside for her in the cold. It was worth it just to see a glimpse of her. All in all this was probably the best and most memorable MCC moment that I have had! I want to say thanks to everyone who I met and the festive party on the 13th that Kevin and Dan put together! Love ya much!!!!

Verizon Wireless Theatre, Houston, TX - 02/17/10

Tina L - HBF Front Row Tickets Winner
Mariah Owned The Stage Tonight!!!
The day before the Houston concert, I get a phone call that I had won the Houston front row contest! I was in shock.

The Voice!  I was so happy when Mariah entered on stage she looked and sounded flawless for the "Butterfly intro/Daydream Interlude." Next, she sang "Shake it Off," I always do the dance she does from the video when she sings this song, and I was happy to know I wasn't the only one in the audience who does the dance for "Shake it off," and "Obsessed",. She always does an amazing job singing "Fly Like A Bird" and the transition between that song and "Make it Happen" was perfect.

"Angels Cry" was dedicated to the people of Haiti, I was happy to hear the people around me singing this song back to Mariah. The crowd was on their feet and singing word for word when Mariah sang "Always Be My Baby" the song is a classic and never gets old and Mariah still sings this song as passionately as if she was singing it for the first time.  There were some parts that Mariah sang "The Impossible" and at the end of the song she started just belting and singing and it was so amazing and too hard to describe the extent of what she was doing, amazing to say the least.

"It's a Wrap," "Obsessed," and "We Belong Together" performances were phenomenal! I could barely hear Mariah sing because the crowd was singing every word of the song back to her. "Hero" was the encore last night, I was very happy because it doesn't really feel like a Mariah concert without hearing this song, its like the victory song after winning a game, it has to be done.

The moments! I honestly believe Mariah was poking fun at herself, being called a diva, some of the things lambs have been commenting on about the past shows, her wardrobe malfunctions, she then later joked about how her clothes might come fall off, (I can't remember everything she said about that one but it was hilarious). Then she joked about her champagne going down her cleavage, and about her being able to apply her own makeup because she went to beauty school.

I am very very happy about going to this concert because I feel Mariah gave well over 100% at this concert there were moments in the show when I was like 'wow Mariah really is giving us a show tonight' and 'wow i wasn't expecting that.' Mariah owned the stage tonight and took every opportunity to connect with the audience. I screamed and jumped up and down every chance I got and every time Mariah came by I would wave and scream and blow her kisses, I was very happy to see her blow them back, followed by a smile and wave.

Nokia Theatre, Dallas, TX - 02/18/10
Jennifer McDougall
A Performance and Voice Fit for a Magical Princess!
In true dramatic Diva fashion the curtains slowly opened to reveal Mariah perched on top of a swing singing Daydream Interlude. Mariah's voice was entrancing. She could see me on the floor on her far right of the stage (my left) and sang along with me during several moments of the concert! I am so glad she got to see I was a dedicated lamb who loved her music and sweet, funny personality.

Most of the crowd sang along to some favorite and popular songs. I enjoyed each song but my favorites were "Fly Like a Bird" and "Love Hangover/Heartbreaker" and "Always Be My Baby." Her personality and humorous side stood out when she talked and interacted with the audience. Mariah effortlessly and beautifully sang each song with emotion and a magical voice only God could have blessed her with. She said we thought she was "in a Magical Princess world!" and I too was for one night! I hope to be blessed to sing along with Mariah the Princess again someday! It truly was magical!

Tina L
Mariah was amazing again tonight! She sang an incredible set list, she sang "Up Out My Face." I feel incredible blessed and so happy to see Mariah front row two nights in a row. Mariah made a lot of jokes and was very cheerful and took out several moments throughout the show to point out how festive the lambs were in wearing their t-shirts, and signs.

Frank Salazar

When Mariah came out, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack! I was on the front row and my idol was right in front of me! MC was on point! She sounded M-azing and spoke throughout the concert! She apologized for being late and mentioned she almost didn't make the show. She wore a new gold dress. She complained the dress was too big and turned around and referred to her behind! lol She blew me two kisses during the concert! I was so excited during 'Up Out My Face' I couldn't breathe! After the concert we waited outside for MC. She came out and came over to us! MC, We love you! L4L!!!

Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ - 02/20/10
Nikki Sims
Mariah, I just saw your show in Phoenix yesterday and I LOVED it!!! We were second row! You are gorgeous and handled it perfectly when that guy threw the flowers at you! The concert was worth every dime we spent on it! You are so amazing!!! I can't wait until next time! Love you Mariah!!!!
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