Apr 04 2010

Fans Review Mariah's Final 'Angels' Tour Stops

< > Gibson Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - 02/23/10
Amanda Martinez
I am 23 years old and let me tell you how sad I am to know that her LA concert that I attended on 2-23-10 is OVER !! I was counting down for this day, and when it was here time just flew by... but all worth it for MS. MIMI. This my 8th concert that I have seen Mariah Live! She is truly my idol. Mimi if there is a chance that you are reading this, THANK YOU! I will always support you and for the rest of my life will always look up to you as someone I truly admire for the person you are!

Alexis (lexi_marie02 on HBF)
This was my very first Mariah Carey concert ever!  And all I can say is that my girl did her thing. When she sang "It's A Wrap", every note that came out of her mouth was just simply flawless and on point. I loved, loved, the set list and how well Mariah interacted with her fans. She is even more beautiful in person. She is truly an ANGEL! No wonder I love her so much she is just the best of the best... and I will always love her. It was nice to finally meet some of the lambs from HBF after the show. Mariah keep on with your music we love u!

Marco Salas
Mariah Carey as always sounded and looked amazing. Her voice is one of a kind, it's soothing to my ears as well as entertaining to watch her on stage. Mariah is not only sexy in a claasy way but she has a good sense of humor as she makes fun of herself with the whole diva concept. When she is on stage she owns it, she commands all her fans attention when she hits those high notes. I personally get goose bumps all over as I watch and listen to her beautiful voice as she bouts out those unique self written lyrics. My boyfriend Ruben had a blast. He was mesmerized by her talent, he said. It was his first Mariah concert and definitely won't be the last. We enjoyed ourselves so much we can't wait to see her live on tour again soon. For all those Mariah carey fans and non fans I recommend you to buy tickets to a future show. Mariah truly is a talent, blessed with a beautiful gift which I had the honor to witness.

Gibson Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - 02/24/10

Vivian Jackson (vivi09creoen on HBF) - HBF Front Row Tickets Winner
I went with my sister to the second Los Angeles show. It was my first Mariah experience ever and I loved the outfits, and the song I would have to say was the best of the night was MAKE IT HAPPEN. I loved her dress and her shoes were a stone groove smash hit wonder 4real 4real. But the most spectacular part of the night would have to be her singing MY ALL which was just incredible. I just wanted to say thank you Mariah for making my first Mariah concert a stone groove smash hit lym xx . I had a blast!

Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA - 02/26/10
I would like to just start by saying that I have been a Mariah fan since the first day I ever heard her. I can remember being a little girl and writing that annual letter to Oprah... praying I would get the chance to sit with her in amazement. Now a grown woman, with the same passion for her music, life story, and amazing accomplishments I find the best part of being a fan from the heart for Mariah is how it feels to never have met someone... a woman that does not know me or anything about me but has had such a huge impact on my life. Like a great friend who saw me through every obstacle I had to jump through, over or around yet does not know anything about me. That is MAGIC. I saw Mariah on FEB 21, 1998 in Hawaii, and I was blessed to see her on her Oakland stop this tour. As the lights dimmed and her name appeared across stage, tears formed in my eyes. Tears that expressed every hardship she had ever helped me through.. As every new song began, it was an overwhelming feeling as lifetime memories were all raced through my head. And the one person that I ALWAYS BELIEVED IN AND TURNED TO WAS RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES. Simply Amazing. So... to the woman who I admire, to the woman whose music, beauty, confidence, and life story guided me through my own.. THANK YOU. I just wanted to say this in case I do not ever get the chance to say this to you in person.

Laura (LauraLuvsMC on HBF) - HBF Front Row Tickets Winner
I had dead FRONT ROW center seats for this show (courtesy of HBF y-ay!!) and man did this whole night seem like a precious dream, one of which you never want to wake up from. Not only were my seats HOT, but so were the people all around me, the LAMBS. Tonight I had the pleasure of experiencing my  tour experience with many awesome REAL Lambs like Tracy aka "TrayFromTheBay" and Daniel aka. Dan-O. Having them around ensured that I would totally have fun.

Not to sound like a broken record but Mariah was Ncredible tonight!!! I loved every song, and I especially love that she sang "H.A.T.E.U." after a few of my Lambs crew requested it, she was singing it she started to point over at us and we all cheered and screamed "THANK YOU" for singing the song we requested. And then finally as MC was telling the crowd the story behind "Hero" my lil section keep yelling out "HONEYB.FLY BABY" at one point she looked over smiled and said: "Aww I love ya" then we all just let her finish and she rocked the hell outta "Hero".

I made 2 poster signs for MC: one that read "I Want My MIMI Doll" which she then referenced the UOMF video and asked me if I liked it, I screamed "Hell Yeah... You're Such A Barbie!!!" and the other read "MC I'm Going Broke 'Cause I Luv Ya!!" MC then said it was nice of me and that I gave her a guilt trip LOL. And she thanked ME!!!

The Colosseum, Las Vegas, NV - 02/27/10
Emily Anderson
I had agreat time in LV at the concert! I live in Seattle and my lil sis lives in Chicage. We Met in LV for the weekend to see the concert. I really thought the song selection was perfect and appreciate everyone's hard work. It is truly noticed the small details that were put into the performance. I have been a fan for a very long time. My first concert was in Chicago where MC and Boyz II Men played four hours of the show... That was over 12 years ago. It's pretty cool to have an amazing singer continue to produce such great work for all these years.

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