May 14 2010

Nick Talks About Life With Mariah

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Nick Cannon is heading back to TV in June for the new season of his NBC reality show America's Got Talent, which he is proud to host particularly because he got his start performing on talent shows. "I came up knowing that anxious feeling that this could be the big break and all that, so when I see these people walk on the show striving for their dream, I connect with them instantly!" Nick explains. For now, the singer and comedian is putting his music on hold. "I'll leave that to my wife!"

Nick shared with Rachael Ray that he and Mariah just celebrated their second anniversary by heading straight back to the altar to renew their vows! "If you were married to Mariah Carey, you'd want to get married and have a wedding all the time, too! And that's how I really feel," says Nick, who even bought her a new ring. "I would say, 'I do' every day if I could!"

But there's one area where Nick could use a little help impressing his wife: in the kitchen! Cannon revealed on The Rachael Ray Show that his wife rules the kitchen, and that he wasn't even allowed to help prepare dinner for last Thanksgiving.

"I was allowed in to watch her, to take that picture," Cannon said, showing a photo of himself and an apron-wearing Carey in front of a gigantic Thanksgiving turkey. "And then I was kicked out after that."  So Rachael offers to teach him a recipe so he can surprise Mariah with breakfast in bed!

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