Jun 12 2010

Happy Anniversary ''Mariah Carey''!

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Today marks the anniversary of the day Mariah's first ever album was released in the U.S. The self-titled debut album, "Mariah Carey", released June 12, 1990, marked the beginning of Mariah's prolific career, the teenager who would go on to become the most successful female artist in recording music history. The album yielded four consecutive #1 singles, a record-setting feat for a new artist that has not been beaten to this day.

How can we better celebrate the occasion than with a special five-parts trivia contest, testing your knowledge of Mariah's albums, and the debut album in particular! Stay tuned for your chance to win some exclusive Mariah items including autographed merchandise!

In each part, you will have to answer three questions: one about the debut album, one "video question" and one "picture question" about any album from Mariah's catalog. To win the prize for any part of the contest, you must answer all three questions correctly.

Please note that time for sending answers will be limited.

Good luck!
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