Jul 20 2010

PEOPLE Exclusive: Mariah Unveils LollipopBling.com

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PEOPLE.COM EXCLUSIVE: She’s got a man sweet enough to ring-pop the question, and in honor of her new scent trio, Lollipop Bling, which was inspired by husband Nick Cannon’s proposal, Mariah‘s giving fans a virtual peek inside her super-sweet world with an interactive website lollipopbling.com. “I am super excited that my fans can finally experience my amazing new website,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It’s an interactive, guilt-free candy wonderland, inspired by the New York skyline — my hometown!” Spin around Mariah’s virtual candyland to learn about the sugary scents on billboards posted throughout the landscape. Fans can even share personalized digital messages to their Mimi-loving friends through Facebook or email. And while you’re there, you can, of course, pick up any of the $35-scents from Mariah’s sugary trio of Elizabeth Arden fragrances, which are being produced in partnership with Topps Candy Company. Sweet!


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