Aug 23 2010

Fan Review: Mariah in Barretos

< > The lovely Tahiana sent Team Mariah her review of Mariah's show in Brazil:

The excitement for the much anticipated Mariah Carey concert in Brazil started a couple of months ago when it was first confirmed that she would perform at Festa do Peão de Barretos. We knew the venue was very far but we all knew we would be there no matter what.

MC arrived in Brazil on Thursday, August 19th, and the lambs were already waiting for her divided between the airport and the door of the hotel where she would stay. I personally went to the hotel door and watched the number of fans grow each minute. It was so cool to meet so many people I knew online but that I had never personally met before. There were fans that had flown for 6 or 7 hours to be there and lots of lambs from all over the country, paying a tribute to Mariah and making sure to support her on her first full concert in the country.

Fans gathering for M’s arrival at Fasano hotel

Fans celebrating Mariah’s arrival to Brazil

On Thursday MC already was a trending topic for twitter in Brazil and she didn’t leave that spot anymore: she’s still there on Monday, August 23rd!  The whole country had her eyes on the Diva and the Brazilian lambs were celebrating their emancipation!

MC on the Twitter Trending Topics on August 23rd

On Friday everyone was gathered together at the hotel door again, we spent all day having a lot of fun, signing to Mariah’s songs and basically having a very festive moment. There was even champagne to celebrate! We knew MC was tired and that she couldn’t come down but we were there together. To warm things up, we did a draw to give away some cool goods like signed albums, DVDs etc (all thanks to

Winners of the draw

By the end of the night, after many performances by some fans, we all started leaving because Barretos was 6 hours away from São Paulo, where MC was staying, and many wanted a good place on the line to get into the arena.

Saturday, August 21st, should be known as the day of our lives. I can speak for all Brazilian fans, for sure. I went to Barretos in a group of 4 buses with over 160 fans total, signing, watching DVDs and dreaming about what would soon come true.

At Barretos more and more fans were together. There was literally people from every each state of the country to see Mariah and it couldn’t be different! Everywhere I looked I saw my fellow friends crying and getting emotional after they walked into the arena. That place was full and eager to see our MCC!!!

The arena starting to fill up

The concert started at 1:26 AM with Daydream Interlude. Now I haven’t seen a group of so many people singing this intro in any other concert! From there you could already tell what a great night it would be! The stage was beautiful with all visual effects and butterflies on the screens. It was a must remember!

Mariah gets on stage signing “Daydream Interlude”

After Butterfly Intro / Daydream Interlude, Shake it Off started and a very excited “Como vai???” (What’s up????) was heard coming from Mariah. I must say I cried at this song, I know, I knoooow this isn’t a song you cry about but it was the first full song of the concert and it was impossible not to get emotional.

After SIO Mariah asked if we liked her ensemble and explained she wanted a very festive ensemble “Who was on twitter earlier? I was trying to explain that I wanted to be here on time but maybe because of the language barrier people thought I was saying something bad!  How are you feeling? I am talking too much so I will stop because I don’t know if you understand as we don’t speak the same language”. We sure understood, Mimi and I think you knew it because you started speaking again and we just loved the stage conversation! “My gloves got stuck in this mic, see, this is my new thing”.

Touch My Body started and was a real excitement because not only the fans but all the crowd knew that song and sang it out loud. You could tell the power MCC has in Brazil, unforgettable.

“See, I have this princess outfit on because you make me feel like a queen!!!! Was the tiara over the top?” No!!!! Mariah is really our queen and we were delighted to see she knew that! “Now we will sing a song from the Butterfly album” – My All started and it was an amazing redemption of the song, delivered like no one else could: she sang it full of emotion, with all her soul and voice in it. A performance to remember!

Mariah then went to the back of the stage to change the ensemble and came back with Always by my baby. The crowd was singing “do do do dop / do do doop do doop da dum” much before M’s entrance and that caused a little confusion on the begining of the song. Once again, it was an amazing performance with the fans singing at the top of their lungs and Mariah Said “Do you know this song? I think you do, I heard you singing in front of the hotel. If you know this song sing along with me, If you know this song sing along with me” (that last part was being sang by her). With a short sparkling dress MCC looked stunning!

It’s like that was a mark for the fans as it represented the spirit of the night for all of us: making the most of our lives! This was truly the moment we had been waiting for many years and it was happening right there in front of us.

“I wanted to know what you wanted me to sing so I used my favorite thing on Earth...the Internet! I was surprised that you chose this song and I haven’t sang it in a very long time but we’ll do it for you tonight.” Mariah explained that the song was originally recorded by Brenda K. Starr and that she loved her and said “we like singing back up” when she explained about how she was a back up singer for Brenda before. The crowd went crazy: the Brazilian fans had been discussing online what song they would like to see in this concert and “I Still Believe” was the chosen one at Brazil’s biggest social network. Mariah heard about that and delivered an a-m-a-z-i-n-g performance of “I Still Believe” while the fans were in a mix of tears and trying to sing together. It’s one of those moments one can’t ignore, a lot of soul and emotion was in the air.

Then came along Heartbreaker / Love Hangover, Dreamlover and I’ll Be There with the wonderful Trey Lorenz, which she dedicated to Michael Jackson. MCC left the stage with Trey singing “Rock With You”, a great performance by him that we just loved!

“Make it Happen” was playing with the dancers doing a presentation and suddenly the whole crowd was signing the song from the start, even without MCC on stage. Every one of the lyrics was out loud in that stadium until M walked in a new outfit: shorts and a long t-shirt saying “If you like fun you’ll Love me”. She finished the song together with us and it was a lot of emotion: she had finally made it happen for all of us!

“Obsessed” and “We Belong Together” were the following ones with a very excited crowd singing along as not only the hard core fans knew those two but the whole country.

Mariah started out “Hero” dedicating this song to everyone who has ever been through a hard situation and the fans had prepared a surprise for her: we all blew white balloons and put them up - a sea of white balloons was formed making a beautiful effect! You could see the back up singers with tears in their eyes and everyone united in one voice, in front of their life hero!

Butterfly outro started playing and a mixed feeling of happiness and emptiness got us. Soon after it Mariah walked back on stage: “I want to do this song tonight…27 consecutive weeks as #1 song thanks to you! God bless you! This is for you BRAZIL”. “I Want to Know What Love Is” was sang not only by Mariah but over 30 thousand people who were in the arena. It was the perfect wrap for such an amazing night!

The concert finished after 1:20 hours with the happier lambs on Earth thrilled! We just hugged each other for so long and we couldn’t even talk for a long time!!!

In name of all Brazilian fans I want to thank Mariah and her crew for making this happen for us! This has been a lifetime dream and you guys were able to do it for us and do it amazingly! We will always be thankful! We love you so very much and appreciate all the efforts put into this! And we’re here waiting…any time, all the time!

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