Nov 22 2010

Scent of a Diva: Mariah Talks Fragrance with PEOPLE

Mariah Carey has topped the pop charts for almost two decades, and now sheÂ’s setting out to conquer the fragrance world with her first signature scent, M by Mariah. With the fragrance just hitting shelves, Mariah chatted a little about the process of making a scent with PEOPLE. Buy the fragrance for yourself, at

What was it like collaborating with Elizabeth Arden?
“It was so much fun working with Elizabeth Arden. I mean, I never expected such a huge corporation to feel like a family. and that’s what it feels like to me. Like every time I work with them, they’re so welcoming in terms of the concepts. If I have an idea or something that inspires me, there’s never a time where they’ve been like ‘No, we hate that.’ Every single person from Arden has been fabulous.”

Did you tell them what your favorite scents were?
“Before I went there, I told them some of my favorite smells, and I described the Tiare flower — and they actually knew what it was. They had never used it as a base for any person before. When I got there, there was this huge board of all the things that I said that I loved. The thing about the blue grotto, Capri, and just all these references that I had given them. The sunset. It looked like it was a done finished thing. I didn’t realize how next level it was going to be. It was really amazing.”

So then you went back and forth with the perfumers? Did it take a couple of tries?
Well, we went to a few different perfumers and every time we would test a different fragrance. It was very similar to writing and recording a song for me. And not everybody realizes that I write my own songs — and they definitely don’t realize that I produce them. It’s a process that I’m really used to. They have told me that no one has been this involved in creating their own fragrance before. So I was like ‘Oh, that’s cool.’”

Where do you spray the perfume?
What I do is I spray it — and then walk into it.

Is this the first scent you've ever used?
This is going to be the first fragrance that I've ever worn. I've never been a fragrance wearer and then I get to wear my own fragrance first. It's pretty cool.

What was your inspiration for the scent?
There is marshmallow in the top note. It takes me back to my childhood campfire moments. The tiare flower is the heart of the fragrance. The first time I smelled it I was in Hawaii, so it reminds me of beautiful places. And the bottom note of the fragrance is this incense I got in Morocco. I used to burn it in my house and I just love the smell.

Did it take a while to get the scent right?
[Elizabeth Arden's team and I] went back and forth a lot. It was very similar to writing and recording a song.

What else do you have going on?
I'm finishing up my record right now. It's my favorite music I've ever done, basically. And I'm in a movie called Tennessee - I play Krystal. The character is very different from me and I think people are going to be surprised - she's very unglamorous, very raw.

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- August 31, 2011
Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn
Youre so cool! I dont suppose
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