Nov 22 2010

MacyÂ’s Glendale Event Recap

The MacyÂ’s Glendale launch event for Mariah CareyÂ’s debut fragrance, M by Mariah Carey, enabled Mariah Carey to conquer both coasts. It was an exciting spectacle that drew top-notch press and thousands of fans. This event, nearly one month after the MacyÂ’s Herald Square event, was strategically timed to be 2 days before Black Friday, the biggest retail day of the year.

The Glendale M by Mariah Carey launch had one of the largest turnouts in MacyÂ’s West product launch history. There were fans lined up around the building just waiting to catch a glimpse of Mariah Carey and experience her debut fragrance.

Inside, Mariah stepped out onto a custom purple carpet in front of huge blow up posters of the M by Mariah Carey national ad and gorgeous custom purple drapes. She was greeted by thousands of cheering fans; some fans were crying, others were snapping pictures with their camera phones and others were waving memorabilia of the superstar, such as old magazines with Mariah on the cover, Mariah t-shirts and more.

Mariah was greeted by cheering and whistling fans who were overjoyed to see the superstar up close, and could not wait to get their chance to walk up on stage to receive an autograph and speak to her. Mariah made a brief speech about how much she enjoyed working on the fragrance and how much of herself went into it. She wished everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving” and began the signing.

The entire beauty area was transformed into “Mariah’s World,” showcasing nothing but M by Mariah Carey fragrance branding. Visuals included: custom purple carpet and draping, an M by Mariah Carey fragrance factice, lightboxes highlighting the national M by Mariah Carey print ad and poster size blow ups of the logo and print ad, placed throughout the beauty area.

More than 22 top national photographers captured images of Mariah on stage with her fragrance. After being interviewed by Extra’s Tanika Ray, a purple table branded with an “M” logo and gorgeous beige suede chair were whisked out from the side of the stage for her to be seated. Mariah then began signing the M by Mariah Carey national print ads for over 300 adoring fans.

The fans were so thrilled to meet Mariah that many burst into tears and a couple showed off their “Mariah” tattoos! A DJ was on hand in the fragrance area to play Mariah’s hit songs and keep the fans energized by interacting with them throughout the signing. Many fans were singing along and cheering with the DJ while waiting for their opportunity to go up on stage.

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