Nov 19 2010

Mariah & 'Merry Christmas II You' in UK Press

Mariah's Merry Christmas II You is out in the UK this week and Mimi is featured in various UK magazines as well as upcoming radio shows to promote the album.

BIG ISSUE (November)
Mariah graces the November issue of UK's magazine Big Issue. The cover and the featured two page interview, titled "A Special Gift" can be seen here.

At the launch of her Christmas album in New York, Mariah talks to Big Issue's Alexandra Wells about music, marriage and her love of all things festive!

HELLO (November 16)
The November 16 issue of "Hello" magazine features a special interview with Mariah, edited by friend and journalist Jasmine Dotiwala. Mariah shares her pregnancy joy and tells why this baby is the perfect Christmas gift.

MUSIC WEEK (November 20)
Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas II You - Album review

A Christmas album, you might think, is a slightly lazy choice to make around this time of year. And you'd be right. But to be fair to Mariah Carey, she has form in this area: her previous Christmas album has sold 12m copies to date and only the most curmudgeonly of listeners would disagree that All I Want For Christmas Is You has become part of the festival cannon. What is more, Carey has undoubtedly put in the effort here: rather than the usual line-up covers, she has penned a number of new Christmas songs - notably the R&B-ish "Oh Santa!" and the laidback funk of When Christmas Comes. There's even a take on Auld Lang Syne, ensuring that this album is not just for Christmas and will last right through to December 31. This being Carey, however, don't expect subtlety: Merry Christmas II You is a thoroughly - suitably? - overblown affair throughout and if you ever thought All I Want For Christmas lacked a little Christmas cheer, the 'extra festive' edition is here definitely for you.

OK! (November 19)
Mariah talks to OK! about her and Nick being overjoyed at their baby news. She jokes that they would name all their kids "Mariah"!


RADIO 2 (November 29)
"In Search of Mimi" documentary, narrated by Trevor Nelson, will be aired on BBC Radio 2 on November 29th from 10-11pm.

In Search Of Mimi is a detailed look at the life and times of singer Mariah Carey, who is celebrating 20 years in the music business. Trevor Nelson traces her career ups and downs and looks for the real person behind the sugary image and much written about diva demands.

Nelson begins with the moment Carey was signed by her record company, moving on to her first single, Vision Of Love, and the MTV Unplugged sessions which showcased her tremendous vocal range. Along the way, listeners hear the music that made her famous, from Emotions and Fantasy to the lesser-known tracks that Mariah cherishes, including Underneath The Stars and The Roof.

Listeners hear from Mariah's colleagues and close friends, including her video directing collaborator Brett Ratner, who sheds light on working with her on the sets of her music videos: "We're like two kids in a candy store."

From her back-up singers Trey Lorenz and Mary Ann Tatum, there are tales about her antics on tour and in the studio; while her close friend Jasmine Dotiwala talks about being on holiday with Mariah and her real character behind closed doors.

There are also insights from her executive producer and head of Island Def Jam records, LA Reid; and Lee Daniels, director of award-winning film Precious, talks about choosing Mariah for the part of Ms Weiss and how she adapted to the character and worked on set without a huge entourage.

And there's an interview with Mariah Carey herself, recorded recently in New York City. Mariah talks candidly about her background, the stories behind some of her personal favourite songs, her struggles with her identity and her love of hip hop. She speaks openly and honestly about her lack of control at the beginning of her career and how her sense of humour has got her through the darkest times in her life.

As Mariah gets set to release her latest album, Merry Christmas II You, she discloses how she'll be spending her festive holiday while also revealing what's next for one of the biggest-selling female artists of all time.


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