Sep 09 2010

One Sweet Day with MC Live in Singapore

Siwon and Hairul of Team Mariah have planned the following fan activities in Singapore, leading up to Mariah's special concert on September 26.

(Pre) Fan Gathering: Fans in Singapore/Asia are meeting up to discuss possible things we can bring along prior to her arrival in Changi Airport. This includes posters, fanbooks, flowers, balloons, etc. The date for this Pre Fan Meet is still tentative.

Fans Meet @ Changi Airport, Singapore:
No date and time is confirmed as when Mariah is arriving in Singapore.

Performance Date:
As of now, only fans t-shirt is being suggested. Fans will wear the same fans t-shirt during Mariah's Performance.

To find out more information about the fan activities in Singapore, please visit this Facebook page or e-mail Siwon and Hairul for any other inquiries.

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