Dec 23 2010

E! Online Picks 'Oh Santa!' One of the Best Christmas Tunes of 2010

E! Online: Though Christmas comes just once a year, royalty checks for Christmas CDs come all year round, which may explain why so many holiday anthems are still recorded despite the fact that we have plenty already. Maybe we shouldn't complain, because each year we get new holiday music that's worth the fuss. With that in mind, here are some new Christmas offerings for your tasteful Yuletide enjoyment because holiday jams are too sweet to beat.

Mariah Carey: "Oh, Santa!"
In a holiday season stuffed full of singers--Susan Boyle, Jessica Simpson, Katherine McPhee and Wilson Phillips--one diva shall rule them all. Whether with her mom or on a new tune, Carey makes Christmas classics with emotion, melancholy and lots of vocal gymnastics.

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