Dec 25 2010

HBF Fans: ''Mariah Influences My Christmas...''

In week one of our "HBF Contest II You", we asked fans to tell us: How Does Mariah Influence Your Christmas Time? Here are some of the wonderful submissions we received!

It's not Christmas at my house unless Merry Christmas and now Merry Christmas II You start playing. Every year I decorate the tree with my niece and nephew parents and grandparents. We all have main ornaments that are designated to each member and each member of the family takes turn putting them on at a designated Mariah Song. Each year the star is placed on top to O Holy Night but this year it was One Child since it is about Jesus and this year my 1 yr old Godson participated. On Christmas day Joy to the world blasts through the house and everyone knows its time to start opening gifts! Couple years ago bought the double sided CD with videos and that is played during the opening of the gifts. This year I plan on playing O Come All Ye Faithful Silent Night and Here Comes Santa Claus Rooftop celebration after dinner when the only lights on are of the tree. (GreekLamb)

Mariah Carey influences my Christmas by watching old live performances of her singing Christmas songs. She also influences me too cook her fathers favoirte dish (linguine with white clam sauce) that she shared with him as a child, which is something I really enjoy making. Another way Mariah gets me into the Christmas spirit is by creating Mariah Chirstmas graphics. (alexia_marie02)

Alexia Marie's Christmas Graphic of MC

I basically start playing Mariah's album and watching her performances as soon as September ends. I sing karaoke to her songs and on Christmas morning I like to play her album first thing to get me in to super extra festive mood. (lushlamb)

Mariah's both Christmas CDs are playing contantly at my house durning the Christmas season. And I play her Christmas videos while we're opening gifts. she influnences our Christmas so much that my daughter Aaliyah who is four thinks she's Mariah!!!! (luvmiro909)


Rocio's daughter Aaliyah

Mariah influences me all year round, but at Christmas time, I'm going up the walls decorating things with her picture on them and playing her music over and over.. and over.. again. I decorate these ornaments with her picture inside them, with snow and butterflies inside as well. I like to make my lamb friends gifts like these as well because they love them and cherrish them. I feel like I know her and she's part of my family celebrations. As MC said, "I hope the spirt of giving remains with you always" & she has given me that to pass on in my heart. (RuBfly)

Ruby's Mariah's Christmasn Ornament

Mariah influences my Christmas in many ways. I believe that the Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving and the first thing that I do to get me in the Christmas spirit is listen to her CD. Every year since 1994, my family and I decorate the Christmas tree to her Christmas CD. My dad videotapes all of us decorating the tree every year and it always has her music in the background. When we see the video later in the year, it's like listening to Mariah Christmas music year round. (twirlygirl1)

By always showing us lambs what a caring person she is and how giving back is an important part of the holidays.  She never fails to do something special for those in need.  Mariah inspires me to do what I can to help others around the holiday season and she is the reason why I started donating to my local animal shelter each month throughout the year and a bigger lump sum donation with a box of toys and treats at Christmas.  (mc4evver)

Courtney's MC Desk

Mariah's Christmas album has brought joy to my heart every year since it was released. I've shared it with my friends, family, and even the students that I teach. My Pre-K students were dancing to "All I Want For Christmas Is You" last year in front of the entire school! It was a smash hit groove wonder! My love for Mariah at Christmas time also means surprising my friends with a special ornament, and it means getting together for dinner with all the lambs and then running across the street to the mall just so our group of adults could take a picture with Santa.. and feature Mariah's hot cd, of course!  Mariah's music not only puts me in the festive spirit, but it also touches me as a Christian. "Jesus Born On This Day" and "One Child" are two of my absolute favorite songs because they are beautiful examples of what this season is really all about. Mariah's joy, faith, and possitivity have been a blessing to me not only at Christmas, but throughout my life.  I am incredibly grateful! (CloseMyEyes)

Amanda's Lamb Ornament

Amanda, Friends & MC's Christmas CD

Mariah influences my Christmas time with her wonderful Christmas albums.  Although my job is stressful and full of deadlines Mariah's Christmas albums put me in the Christmas spirit and keep me working in a calm and steady pace. At home Mariah is playing fro. The moment I get up till I go to bed and helps the time fly while wrapping Christmas even though I am struggling to stay cheerful while missing my family who is halfway across the country. (MartinMtz702)

Mariah starts off my christmas starting on Thanksgiving. With her Christmas Albums on Repeat during Thanksgiving Dinner and, while waiting in line for Black Friday Sales. It continues Throughout the Month of Decemeber while keeping her albums on repeat while wrapping gifts, while driving around town, and even at work. The music puts me in a Christmas mood, and helps me reflect on the past year's Events and, Memories. (cool_relax)

Mariah is connected to my Christmas memories for many reasons.  My best friend gave me the first Merry Christmas as a present in 1994 on Christmas Eve.  I was estatic!  We listened to it as we shared part of our Christmas Eve together.  Of course I had my parents put it on the surround sound speakers (my dad used to be a DJ) and play it that Christmas morning.  It was so exciting to open my presents to Mariah's "Merry Christmas."  Every year since the day after Thanksgiving, I start playing "Merry Christmas" in the car to go Christmas shopping (and everywhere I go!) and at home to wrap presents. (mcfannamedjenn)

Mariah Carey influences my Christmas time by having now both cds on repeat the whole day of Christmas and taking a nice bubble bath with candles.  I also watch all of her Christmas videos that day as well.  I am not even Christian, but Muslim so this is how I spend the holiday season.  When I was back home in MN I would go to my friends house on Christmas eve for dinner and bake sugar cookies while listening to MCC! (glitternan)

Adnan & His MC Christmas CDs

I can honestly say that Mariah's Christmas music is the only CD I can listen to around the holidays. I work retail so I hear Christmas music non- stop-even before Thanksgiving. Each year I love to listen to Mariah on the way to my parents house for Christmas. I am alone in the car and I can listen to music that is festive, but also supports my faith in what Christmas is all about. It puts me in the right frame of mind and when I get to holiday gatherings so I am happy and upbeat. I also love to listen to Mariah at work when I can because it helps me get through my day. All of my fellow co- workers know I LOVE Mariah! I also put on MARIAH's albums when I wrap gifts, or when I am doing holiday baking. One of my favorite holiday memories is skating in ROCKEFELLER CENTER and as the snow fell I skated to "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU". (nomad)

MIMI makes Christmas extra festive!! The Christmas music starts getting played regularly by the end of October, decorations, baking (like Mariah's festive Christmas cookies), and wrapping presents is done with Mariah's music playing! Little things like the screensaver on my computer change to a festive Mariah picture of MC decorating the tree with Jack.  I use the mariahism "festive" all the time during the holidays...for example...if customers are crabby at work, I call them "non-festive".  Mariah's Christmas special is watched over and over again, and my Mariah butterfly ornament gets hung on the tree.  I also treat myself to something Mariah at Christmas...this year it was the autographed collector's edition Merry Christmas II You Box Set!! EXTRA FESTIVE!!! (sugar_rae)

Ever since 1994 and Mariah's Christmas Special on MTV, the Merry Christmas album has been a traditional part of the festivities of my families Christmas's. It brings me happiness, joy, and puts me in festive moods and brings out an inner enlightenment that has no words to explain. Now with the introduction of the follow up to this timeless masterpiece Merry Christmas II you, now takes me into new years with only the best version in the world of Auld Land Syne. She truly knows how to influence anyone who has a little of the Christmas spirit and bring them into the mood of the season! (UnIvErSaL V)

When Christmas comes, I enjoy playing and listening to Mariah's Christmas album and every remixes along of December. And every time I watch her all Christmas video either animation, candid video or live concerts, she always make me smile and inspired me how to be a festive person of this joyful season. I also bring all her Christmas catalogs I collected to see and take a photo of them with my personal happiness and proud of being her die-hard fan. (mediamariah)

Wasin's Christmas CDs

Mariah influences me on Christmas time in so many ways.. I volunteer at homeless shelters to help those in need as well as carry my Merry Christmas CD to every Holiday fuction and parties and play them for everyone to enjoy. (mariahslamb4life)

Marco & His MC Collection

Every year my family christmas begins in November . That's the time I bring out all the  Christmas CDs , but only end up playing and listening to Mariah's Merry Christmas I help mom with cooking in the kitchen and start dancing and enjoying the spirit if christmas to all I want for Christmas is you . This year though my Christmas began a week earlier in November thanks to merry Christmas to you. Now my playlist on the iPod is extra long yay:) (lilbug)

Right after Thanksgiving I change my answer tone and ringtone on my celly to "All I want for Christmas is You" to get me in the holiday spirit. I have the Mariah Carey (holiday) station on @ work throughout the day on Pandora. I have 3 CDs on hand of her new Christmas CD. One for the car, one for @ home, and one for @ work! This year "Miss You Most @ Christmas Time" has more meaning that ever. I lost my Grandma two years ago on Thanksgiving. My family made a slideshow using that song in dedication to her favorite holiday. I can always relate to MC's music and her songs always seem to come into my life and at the right time. She is a blessing to me and I am forever grateful for her and her music. I love you MC! (misstrina)

Mariah influences my Christmas time by listening to the awesome songs that she has created - it makes me happy just knowing that she also believes in God like I do and makes me want to smile and share that joy with others (family, friends, co-workers) Also, Though her first album is truly classic and can't be touched, MCIIU is definitely a classic as well and as any other 'lamb' I can't stop listening to the album. O Lil' Town of Bethlehem/Lil Drummer Boy is my all time favorite along with Charlie Brown Christmas--the reason being that they remind me of my best friend/mother (who passed back in 06' due to a motorcycle accident). My mother would always make Christmas festive for us (my sisters and I) regardless of our circumstance. When we were down or come home from school on a cold day-she would be cooking meanwhile put on some Charlie Brown for my sisters I and we were full of joy even though we lived in little money-we were happy kids. So Mariah has definitely broght back some fond memories of my mother during those cold holidays with my family. I appreciate her working and even doing a song with her mother (which has also brought memories of the good relationship I had with mines). Thanks Mariah for making great music for all of us to enjoy and great performance on your Christmas special even while expecting! :) So in all--my mother ( & Mariah) have both influenced me to believe and be joyful even in bad times because things could be worse. (LatinCoffee)

Every year, for the past 10 years, as soon as November rolls around Mariah's "Merry Christmas" album is in heavy rotation. This year, I've been playing "Merry Christmas II You" EVERYDAY since it's release! I also recently got the new Apple TV, so I turned on the Home Sharing feature to be able play the album throughout the house - via the tv - for even better (louder) sound! (kmullings)

Kathryn's TV

Mimi makes everything festive. Having both albums playing on repeat on ipod while cooking and wrapping presents. Whats even better is playing the live performances and reliving the special moments and places that Mimi has taken you. Also working as a DJ in a club I get to play anything I choose I defiantly make sure that Mimi gets alot of spin time on my sets. (kevin85)

As long as I can remember, Mariah has definitely has a huge influence on my Christmas time. Her first Christmas Record, "Merry Christmas" has literally been the Soundtrack to all my Christmas times since it's release of 1994 when I received it as a Christmas gift that year. During the Christmas holiday, my family does everything while we listen to Mariah's "Merry Christmas" album (& now also "Merry Christmas II You"). Like we usually sing along to the Christmas songs while we are preparing Christmas dinner and bake cookies for the kids. We have such a good time not only spending the time together as a family but also when we are trying to match our voices to Mariah's. LOL. Let's just say it gets very interesting. (lauraluvsmc)

Coming from a family that is not the wealthiest it is nice to have some ray of hope. Knowing Mariah's background and testimony has helped me so much in all walks of life. I listen to Mariah's music everyday and when winter comes around I cannot go twenty-four hours without listening to her Christmas songs. It takes me back to when I was younger and when I didn't have a care in the world and when love was abundant. Now it is just so hard to be happy on Christmas, my family has fallen apart and I'm left alone to pick up the pieces. But when I hear the sweet transcending tones of  Mariah's amazing voice I become lost in a world full of merriment and joy. It is so invigorating to sing along with the music, being a writer and a singer Mariah is one of my biggest inspirations and in my opinion the most talented person in the world. (chyldofgod09)

How DOESN'T she influence my Christmas time? haha.  I have both her Christmas CD's on repeat usually in my car and while I get ready for work or going out and such...I even got a sexy santa dress and a Mariah wig to be  Christmas Mariah in drag for a party this weekend! lol  (thaddyxcore)

Mariah is Christmas time... I start listening to Mariah's Christmas albums early October to get in the festive mood! I'm a singer so I'm always singing in holiday concerts. I've preformed Mariah's version of O holy night, Miss you most at Christmas time and Hark the herald angels sing. I can't wait for this year's festivities , so I can belt out my new favorite christmas tunes When christmas comes and ONE CHILD. Every Christmas morning when opening gifts around the tree "Merry Christmas" is always playing.. it's also always playing at everyone else's house in my family when I help decorate their homes or help bake cookies! Every woman in my family, be it my mom, my aunts, my grandmas, or cousins all smell like Mariah... because they have all received Mariah's fragrances as Christmas gifts from me! MC CDs are also great gifts that I love to give! I play Merry Christmas (And now MCIIY) year round, Mariah is the only artist who can write and record an album and have every song be amazing and no matter how many times I listen to it it never gets old!!! (Crybaby228)

Michael's Christmas Tree & MC CDs

Mariah Carey influences my Christmas time because she is the queen of Christmas music. I only have to listen to her festive songs to get in the mood, even if it's the middle of the year. Her voice is phenomenal and so sincere and i am moved listening to her. "All I Want For Christmas" is my all time favourite Christmas song and never fails to make me feel all warm inside every time i listen to it. I just love to watch her Christmas music videos when wrapping presents, however, instead, end up singing and dancing around the room. (Nickkilee)

Jessica's Christmas Artwork

Kris & His MC Christmas Collection

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