Dec 25 2010

HBF Fans: ''My Favorite MC II You Song Is...''

The wonderful fans of HBF told us what their Favorite Song From Merry Christmas II You is. Read their answers below!

If I had to choose [a favorite] right now it would be O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Little Drummer Boy Medley. I just remember hearing it for the first time and just really loving the concept of merging the two songs together. I love the arrangement that Mariah and Randy came up with because it just sounds so magical. The song also is memorable because it was on the DVD with HSN exclusive and I loved seeing Mariah working on this particular song. Another reason this song is amazing is how it starts off very slow and grows and then ends softly again. As Mariah said she wanted the songs to have a classical feel to the album and this song really touches on that aspect. Once again it is so hard to just choose one because they are truly amazing, but this one from the beginning was one that really touched my heart! (glitternan)

My favorite song is Christmas Time is in the Air Again. I can listen to it anytime of year and it would make me feel happy and warm.  I love the opening and it reminds me for some reason of Marylin Monroe whom Mariah adores.  The whole song is beautiful.  I always love when Mariah writes jazz songs and this one is outstanding.  I also love how she incorporated Mr. Grinch and Scrooge.  This is a classic song that can stand the test of time. (mcfannamedjenn)

One song stands out to me and that is One Child. First of all it's a new song written by Mariah that sounds like it belongs up there with the oldies Christmas songs.. sounds like a classic from the beginning and as the song progresses and the addition of the drums echoing in the background give it a sense of classic. Also it is about what Christmas is all about... Christ the Lord. Let us worship and adore... very beautiful... it's a historic description of a life changing event and story accompanied by a beautiful melody and Mariah's incomprable vocals. Bravo Mariah and MERRY CHRISTMAS II YOU HBF! (GreekLamb)

Oh Santa! is my favorite because my fiance proposed to me while playing this song, and asked me to be his this Christmas. So not only do I love this song already, but now it even brings me an everlasting memory of my proposal. (ruBfly)

My favorite is When Christmas Comes because it makes me feel peaceful and warm. Her voice just touches me so much within the song. And I also like the fact that she worked with Big Jim Wright on the song which is why it sounds similar to Mine Again. It just makes me want to be around fun festive family and friends and this is why I love it! (alexia_marie02)

The First Noel/Born is the King Interlude is one of my personal favorites off of the new album because it starts off as "classic" Mariah and then slips into a lovely R&B interlude of "Born is the King," which represents what people would call "new" Mariah. It is the best of both worlds and you can't ask for more than that. Whether it's "classic" or "new" Mariah, it's ALL Mariah and WHATEVER she does is beautiful. (Amrite)

O Come All Ye Faithful/Hallelujah Chorus is especially a stand out! It shows the power of Mariah's voice as well as her mother's :) This holiday season has been especially blessed with Mariah's new holiday album! It will be, along side her first Christmas album, a "classic" for years to come! (MariahCarey82)

My favorite track from Merry Christmas II You would have to be Charlie Brown Christmas because it combines the 2 things that always come to mind when I think of Christmas Joy. Christmas isn't complete without Mariah's Christmas music playing, and at Christmas we all gather to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. This song incorporates both my favorite Christmas songs by such a great artist, and my favorite Christmas movie which I have watched growing up. (MartinMtz702)

Auld Lang Syne (The New Years Anthem) - Because it's timeless and when I had my MCIIU album release party at my home, I purchased 25 copies of the CD and almost all the guests that got one said it was their favorite track. And when we played it at the end, everyone was dancing and singing along. It's just very festive and a unique version! (KissMyBrass27)

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Extra Festive - This is my favorite song because it is very personal and comes closest to my heart. Gifts for the holidays is such a nice tradition, however among all, if I could want one thing, it would be to be next to the person I love. (gfrosen)

Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) Housetop Celebration because for many years my aunt records Up On The Housetop on  her answer machine recording adding her own little twist such as "we're out on the town being jolly right now & can't come to the phone"... so when I heard this version of Mariah's song, it made me reflect on soooo many Christmases in my childhood & now my aunt uses MC's song for her background Christmas music for the answering machine!! MC is my inspriration, my heart & my Hero! I LOVE HER!!! (MCFAN247)

My ultra-mega- for ever and ever- favorite song of this album is Christmas Time Is In The Air Again!!! I love the song, it's like an anthem for me at this time. Amazing Dahling!!!! (rodrigohero)

My favorite song is One Child The fact that the song was written by Mariah makes it even more special for me than the re-arranged Christmas classics.  I love the meaning behind the lyrics and the power in Mariah's vocals.  It really captures the excitement, joy, and awe that was brought about by Jesus' birth. (CloseMyEyes)

O Come All Ye Faithful because it's rejoicing Jesus born on Christmas Day, it's a very precious and holy song and Mariah can sing it with all emotions and true feelings. I love how Mariah brought her mother in this song and her mother truly has a gifted voice. I feel a lot of love and emotions in this song for the true meaning of Christmas. (hotlikefire77)

My favorite song from Merry Christmas II You is One Child. That song was one out of a few when listening to the album that really stood out to me. Not only are Mariah's vocals on there beautifully done but it is just as beautiful lyrically. The song can kind of let people (especially children) use their imagination and think back to a time when Jesus was born. I think the song in a way is like a lullaby, it has a kid feel to it from the children choir singing. The song actually makes me emotional sometimes just because of how beautiful it is, One Child truly can save the world. The song is told in a story like way which I think helps make the song able to be told as a storybook to kids when you're putting them to sleep on Christmas eve. (Betchagonknow)

Mariah's duet with her mother, O Come All Ye Faithful/Hallelujah Chorus.  This is my favorite song because I have been a fan of Mariah's since the beginning of her career, and over the years she has mentioned many times that her mother is an opera singer. As such a huge fan it was a great thrill to hear the two of them sing together and then to see them perform the song together live on Mariah's Christmas T.V. special. I hope that in the future they will perform together again. (ksmawley)

Every time I hear Auld Lang Syne, I feel thankful for all that I have - I am even more thrilled that I have an opportunity to be happy about the new beginning in the new year. Angelic Mariah's voice feels like a never ending bridge that connects historic Scotish origins of the song with everlasting message: to be grateful with what we have. (drowned062001)

O Come All Ye Faithful / Hallelujah Chorus. Besides the fact that Mariah KILLED IT with her arrangement and vocals, every time I hear that song I always get goosebumps! But the real reason why I love that song so much is because it was made with the love between mother and child. My parents divorced when I was real young, so every Christmas I remember has just been me and my mom (and my little brother). She tried her hardest as a single parent to do what she could ... so back in '95, she started the "MC Christmas" tradition. And every year I can really say that listening to Mariah during the holidays has really brought my mother and I closer together. Thanks Mariah!(BigMiMiLuver07)

Favorite track is Born is the King Interlude. I can't even know what to say!!! (tray from the bay)

O Come All Ye Faithful / Hallelujah Chorus ft. Patricia Carey. This is an amazing song from start to finish. The blend of the lyrics is very clever. But what stands out the most are the voices on the song. The mixtures of Mariah's mother voice and hers at the end of the song is exquisite and fantastic, I still got chills when I hear it! The song also gives a little bit of nostalgia, my mom passed away several years ago, and I wonder what a privilege, honor and fun should be to work, sing and share a moment with your mother... (Dagoye)

My favorite song off MCIIY is Oh Santa! Because just like AIWFCIY gives me a very up beat feel that definitly puts me in the Christmas Spirit. I love hearing when shop totally makes shopping extra fun. (lauraluvsmc)

When Christmas Comes is my favorite song from Mariah's new album Merry Christmas II You. It's such a fun great Christmas song, but it's a song that someone could listen to year round. It was writen by Mariah and James Poyser who have teamed up in the past on one of my favorite songs Mine Again (which I have performed many times)! When Christmas Comes is in the style of an older jackson 5 song, but at the same time it is new and modern. Only mariah can use her christmas magic to creat such a great song! (Crybaby228)

Christmas Time Is In the Air Again because it is an original Mariah Carey song and yet it sounds like it has been around forever like I have been listening to it every Christmas for my whole life. It is a beautiful love song. The lyrics are so sweet and the music is beautiful. It is the perfect combination of Mariah's voice and instruments. It is the perfect song to add into my Christmas music rotation (most of which is Mariah music to begin with). When Mariah makes Christmas music, it is perfection. (twirlygirl1)

I would have to say that One Child is my favorite off the record, because it holds a special place in my heart.  Recently, my wife suffered a miscarriage.  It was a troubling time for the both of us.  What has helped me get through is listening to this song and hoping for one day, like Mariah, we will be blessed with our "One Child".  It's amazing how Mariah's music always comes out at a time when her fans need her most.  She must have a 6th sense or something. (Jefflez)

Christmas Time Is In The Air Again is absolutely festive and amazing!!! I love the sultry jazz vocals! I personally think this is the best Christmas song she has ever written...absolutely beautiful, and of course Mariah adds her amazing vocals like a cherry on top.  Somehow Mariah has the ability to write songs that sound like they've been around forever.  Christmas Time Is In The Air Again is one of those songs!!  (sugar-rae)

The Santa Claus Is Coming To Town intro leads into Oh Santa! perfectly, which just makes you want to have the most festive time for Christmas, everyone sings along to that song. And then MC comes with the voice and SANGS on all the ballads, which are so beautiful to listen to. Her voice just envelops you as you listen to it. Then MC gets the party going again with Here Comes Santa Claus. She teaches us the true meaning of Christmas with songs like One Child, which is just so beautiful from start to finish, O Holy Night - LIVE! It's awesome that we get to have that performance, and then you have the re-recording of All I Want For Christmas Is You. And Auld Lang Syne needs to be played at every new years party! You don't want to skip one song on the album. It's perfect for Christmas time, and I love the whole thing. (trmc1990)

My favorite Christmas song is Charlie Brown Christmas because I am a huge snoopy fan and when I read that MC was going to do song I wondering what song it was and when I played the cd and heard the intro to "Linus and Lucy" I felt like I was lil kid again watching A Charlie Brown Christmas watching Snoopy dance and hearing Mariah's voice going into "Christmas Time Is Here" I was floored and was very nervous calling friends telling them about the song. Thank you Mariah no one does Christmas like you! (lilbug)

The First Noel - This song is my favorite because it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. When Mariah transitions the song to a totally different sound at the end it is so smooth and different but it blends perfectly with the first part of the song. It is a prime example of how Mariah takes a classic holiday song and makes it her own and makes it so remarkable all at the same time. (mc4evver)

One Child has been on repeat since I have gotten the album.  The lead vocals are really pure, the background vocalists bring it home, and the children's choir adds a sweetness to this track for me.  The instrumentation is also different from anything Mariah has done before, which is fun for me as a fan.  And the song also shows that Jesus truly is the reason for the season. (dgmjr1980)

My favorite is Charlie Brown Christmas. One of my all time favorite Mariah songs is "The Wind" from the Emotions album, and the way she sang Charlie Brown is very reminiscent of that. The whole vibe of the song reminds me of a cold winter night with the fireplace lit and hot cocoa being shared. Believe it or not I had never seen the Charlie Brown Christmas special on TV, so this song was actually new to me. I can understand why the Schulz family was thrilled that Mariah covered it. (dannytheminion)

I choose O Come All Ye Faithful because it has always been a fav Christmas song since I was little. Now having Mariah and her mother record this song adding the Hallelujah Chorus in it made even more amazing. Mariah and her mother brought me to tears during this song during the taping of the Christmas special. (Kevin85)

My favorite song off of the MCIIYOU record is One Child. This song has touched me very deeply and is very close to my family's heart as this album came out right as we found out that our baby boy was on the way! The anticipation of my baby boy is an unbelievable feeling! When I listen to MC's "One Child" it makes me believe that no matter what, medical issue aside, this baby boy will be very special and everything we could ever want and need! As Mariah says, "blessed baby boy..." He is going to be a special child to us as we have wanted a third child and a boy for many, many years! "One Child" is by far the most touching and amazing track on the entire record. I will forever hold this song close to me! (SwiftyMC)

My favorite song from "Merry Christmas II You" is When Christmas Comes. Mariah's voice in the song is so so epic and I really love the big chorus because it reminds me of the choruses of "Mine Again" and "Stay The Night", which were two of my favorite songs from the classic "The Emancipation of Mimi". Also, the live arrangement of the songs brings a happy and warm feeling when Christmas air is so cold. (disturbiaddict)

My favorite Christmas song off the Merry Christmas II You album is Charlie Brown Christmas. It brings back so many memories of watching that special when I was a kid and having Mariah sings it makes it 100 times more enjoyable. She sings it beautifully. Plus, I enjoy how she starts it off fast with the piano and eases into the slow song. (MCFan4Evr)

O Come All Ye Faithful/ Hallelujah Chorus feat. Patricia Carey. I especially love Mariah's vocals and the beautiful religious message it has. The icing to the song is Patricia Carey bouting out her amazing voice as well. It hits close to home because it reminds me of how lucky I am to have my mother in my life and apreciate her that much more. I know Mariah and I have that in common and makes me fell that much closer to her she shows her love to us and her mother to give want to share the stage in this special time of the year when Jesus Christ was born. This album Merry Christmas II You will make my whole family's Christmas extra warm and Festive! (mariahlamb4life)

My three favorite songs are When Christmas Comes, One Child, and Oh Santa!. The latter is super festive and I can see it becoming another holiday classic in years to come (like All I Want For Christmas Is You). I really love the powerful message of One Child, and When Christmas Comes really puts me in the Christmas spirit... Christmas has always been a time spent with family and loved ones, and this song really reminds me of everything good about the holidays. (kmullings)

Here Come Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus lane), I love how it does not have a traditional Christmas sound, it's more of a R&B funk and I like that. It makes me want to have a party and have friends over and relax and enjoy the song as a group. (richardjrotc)

My favorite song is Christmas Time Is In The Air Again. It sounds like such a classic Christmas song.  My eyes tear up a bit during the line 'the dream is to share this Christmas cheer with you all throughout the year and not wait till the moment when Christmas time is in the air again.' The song has a great message and has kept me in the holiday spirit since the end of October. (ekramer79)

I absolutely adore O Come All Ye Faithful with her mother Ms. Patricia Carey! I Love the gospel feel and the opera portion (awesome! more songs with her mother are NEEDED) and the finale just makes me smile without me even realizing it! It's Breathtaking and Magical! (Raven)

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