Dec 26 2010

Photos: Mariah Performs at Disney Christmas Day Parade

Mariah brought the Christmas spirit to the happiest place on earth on Friday December 3rd, when she taped her appearance for the annual Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade. Mariah performed her new Christmas smash "Oh Santa!" from Merry Christmas II You and her classic holiday hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

The 27th Annual "Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade" airs Christmas Day on ABC-TV. Read more details here.

HBF member Kathryn (kmullings) was lucky enough to be at the taping, and sent in the following review:

"Having just moved to Orlando a month ago, I was ecstatic to hear that Mariah would be performing at my new hometown! I was very fortunate to receive a free Disney park ticket (for volunteering with their Give A Day. Get A Day. program) that I was able to redeem and use for the taping today. After hearing several stories online about having to register to get tickets to the event (and it being sold out!), I was relieved to find out - from a Disney cast member - that they were all false, and that it is actually open to the public.

I arrived at Cinderella's castle shortly after 10am and they had actually started taping Mariah's first performance for "Oh Santa!". I had never been to a taping [of any event] before so I really had no idea what to expect. I never realized how much goes into such tapings. They have to inform the audience of everything that's happening, and position us accordingly; and then there are a few rehearsals to make sure everybody is doing what they're supposed to do. Not long after my arrival, Mariah entered the stage and started singing. The crowd was great, the performance was amazing and Mariah looked absolutely flawless in her red and white "Santa" dress! And yes, she was actually singing! Apparently, the performances the day before were all lipped, so a lot of people were pleasantly surprised to hear Mariah singing and belting out those high notes! After this performance, they headed over to Main Street to tape the parade segment; some of us remained at the castle to ensure that we were as close to the stage as possible! It was worth it as I ended up right in front of the stage - the best "seat" in the house if you ask me!

This day will forever be one of my most memorable days EVER, as well as my best Mariah moment ever!"


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