Jan 17 2011

Mariah Fans Unite for Queensland Flood Victims

The state of Queensland in Australia has been hit by devastating floods over the past few weeks, and the destruction has been huge and hundreds of thousands of people have been severely affected. Mariah fan Jessica Issa and members of Mariah Carey Down Under have come together to launch an International Mariah Fan Fundraiser in the hopes of securing donations from Mariah fans from around the world to aid the flood victims.
Jessica writes:
Mariah often describes us as being part of her extended family, and in many ways we are. I also think we're an amazing international community. The solidarity that exists between us is remarkable. When Mariah needs us, we do our best to give her any support we can. When a fan is in need we all give our prayers and thoughts. It is my faith in the genuine spirit that exists in all true Mariah lambs that has me asking for a favour.
As you may know the state of Queensland in Australia has been struck by horrific floods for the past several weeks. Over 75% of the whole state is now flooded. Lives have been lost, thousands and thousands of homes have been destroyed, thousands of businesses have been ruined and hundreds of thousands of people have been horribly affected. The worst of the floods is yet to come, and already there has been tens of billions of dollars worth of damage. It is a national disaster with a reconstruction task of post-war proportions.
So Australian Mariah fans have come together to create a "Lambs For Queensland" - An International Mariah Carey Fan Fundraiser. We are appealing to the charitable spirit that exists within all Mariah fans and are seeking donations from all international fans. Any donation will benefit the victims of this natural disaster.
In appreciation of your donation, Aussie fans have donated a large amount of Mariah CD singles, albums, promo cds & items AUTOGRAPHED by Mariah to be received by donator's by random draw. This is not a competition but a mere thank you. We are seeking your generosity to help the hundreds of thousands of people affected by this horrific national nightmare. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope the power of worldwide lambs united will help many in need.
Please donate at the Official Queensland Disaster Relief Appeal here: www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.  Visit www.lambs4qld.tk to get more information on donations and prizes.
Source: Jessica & The Mariah Aussie Fan Community

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