Feb 01 2011

Mariah To Appear On New PETA Billboard

What do Mariah, Pink and Lady Gaga have in common? Besides having some fierce vocal cords and the ability to sell millions of records, these ladies are all fur-free and fabulous! PETA is celebrating their outspoken attitude against wearing fur in a special "Fur-Free and Fabulous" ad, released just in time for the 2011 Grammy Awards. The brand new billboard is set to be unveiled TODAY on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, CA. Carey famously donated a pair of full-length Russian sable coats she had received as gifts to PETA, who, in turn, gave them to homeless women at their winter "fur kitchen" event. With the new billboard, Mariah joins a list of stars who have teamed with the organization to come out against fur. Last year's "Fur-Free and Fabulous" ad featured Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Join these compassionate celebs in hitting a high note for animals. Flaunt your own fabulousness and take a stand against cruelty by signing PETA's pledge to be fur-free now!
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