Feb 11 2011

JD & MC Collaboration to Celebrate the Power of People to Make Change in the World

Who: Jermaine Dupri and Mariah Carey will co-write the song, performing it along with a host of other artists. What: A multi-genre coming together of musicians to create and produce a breakthrough song to create a sense of urgency that the time is now to step forward toward a renewal of spirit and commitment to action that makes our nation and world better. When: The collaboration will be produced during the Grammys this weekend. The song will then be performed at a March event, attended by all living American presidents! Where: Various Los Angeles-based studios Why: While leaders in Washington are fighting about politics, Americans across the country are committing themselves to solving the problems that face our nation and the world. Dedicated individuals across the country are raising their hands and contributing to solutions in their communities through voluntary action. It is time to bring our nation's leaders and corporations together with its youth, artists, entertainers and all people to reignite the fire of the American spirit of service and express our connection with all people in the world. About Points of Light Institute Points of Light Institute inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action that changes the world. The Institute has a global focus to redefine volunteerism and civic engagement for the 21st century, putting people at the center of community problem solving. Read more at PointsofLight.org
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