Feb 15 2011

Valentine's Day Contest Winners & MC's Song Picks!

contests@mariahcarey.com. Congratulations to: Mariahtino1 sieraajahmed Baby_Lexie1 Below are picks from both Mariah & Fans of the favorite/most romantic MC songs for Valentine's Day! Mariah's Picks (in no particular order) Fantasy (for those with a Valentine's crush) Underneath The Stars My All (for the lovesick: ) ) Honey (So So Def) Vision of Love (for the nostalgia) Dreamlover Always Be My Baby Melt Away Babydoll Bliss Heartbreaker Thank God I Found You (& Make It Last Remix) We Belong Together Mine Again Your Girl Joyride Yours Ribbon (was our song last Valentine's: ) ) More Than Just Friends The Impossible I Know What You Want Touch My Body Love Story I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time Fans' Picks The Impossible - I absolutely love that song. Everytime I hear it, I immediately think about my fiance. He came along & swept me off of my feet at a time when I thought it was impossible to love again, He definitely did the impossible, he rescued my love. (Leanisha) All I've Ever Wanted is the most romantic song, as it was the song my husband and I used for our first dance at our wedding. I always loved the song ever since it was released, and especially now after using it at our wedding. Every time I listen to it, I remember our special day and our love for eachother. (sugar_rae) Fourth of July! Different holiday but it's totally romantic--running in the rain, laying in the grass, cuddling with fireworks overhead--who hasn't wanted to do that? (monarclamby) I Stay In Love is a very romantic song because it has a timeless-ness to it and I think that it tells the story of how much love you can have for something or someone even if not together you sort of stay in love. (DevonRiella95) Music Box. Ever girl in the world is looking for that special someone who is everything they're not and provides everything they need. Someone who truly completes them, and most of all, every girls wants to be with a person who tells them that they're the only one that person needs in their life. I feel like when a person finds their "Music Box" that's when they've found and can experience true love. Nothings more beautiful than that! (LouieLAMB) There for me. The strength of the lyrics and the AMAZING warm voice of Mariah with lots of high notes, together with a sweet melody. The perfect song for Valentine's. (javierdc) Underneath The Stars is no doubt about it Mariah's most romantic song! It's all about young love and being in one of the most romantic settings (Underneath The Stars)! It is one of my favorite songs of all time! Every time I listen to it, I drift away to another state of mind! (Crybaby228) Emotions is the most romantic. It may not be slow and soft but the words say it ALL! She talks about how that one person makes her feel really deep emotions. She says when she wakes up he is the first thing on her mind. She's never been so satisfied except for him. I think this song really shows a man how appreciative and her love is for him. I played this for my boyfriend last night and he loved it! (mimifan4ever1) Don't Forget About Us is the most romantic song I have ever heard. To me it talks about how she doesn't want this man to forget about what they had (as in love). (mcbaby123456) Melt Away is so sweet, romantic and mellow, pure ear candy. I've loved that song from the first time I heard it in 1995, and when I'm planning a romantic evening, If i plan my music, that song will be part of the playlist. (IzzyMac) When I Saw You. This song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it, just thinking about how much I love my boyfriend. We've been dating for 8 years now...my favorite part is the end when she sings: "With no beginning and...Without an end...You are the one for me...And it's evident...And your eyes told me so...And your eyes let me know." This describes true love and love at first sight; I love it!! (Jfiniz) I'll be Loving You Long Time. This is one of her most romantic songs because it is one of the few songs that doesn't talk about being broken up or apart from each other. She's assuring her man that she isn't going anywhere and their love is really special. I feel this way about my boyfriend now so I can relate to this song especially on Valentine's Day... a day to celebrate love. (Christine M) Whenever You Call would be the best for a couple in a happy and healthy relationship. "You can turn to me and cry. Always understand that I give you all I am inside" The entire lyric is purely about love. (dannytheminion) Vision of Love. This song is sexy, and definitely can put you in the mood for romance. If you're not with the one you love, this song will make you dream about being with the one you love. (nb-bratt) I Stay in Love is great because it shows that everyday might not be Valentine's Day in a relationship, but love is about commitment and sticking it out when things get a little bumpy. With relationships, there are so many choices--you can stay or you can go, you can chose to neglect your relationship or you can chose to "Stay in Love"! (Mariposanegra75) The Roof is definitely Mariah's most romantic song! The amazing and imperfectly, perfect lyrics coupled with Mariah's soft and sensual vocals over the remastered Hip-Hop beat is just a portion of the songs brilliance. The instrumental mixed with Mariah's multi-track brings the story to a whole another level. It's emotional yet alluring and puts you into a mood! The story about remembering an experience you had with another and feeling a sense of nostalgia afterward, would be the reason for needing this song on Valentine's Day :D (mickj23q) Underneath the Stars. The melodic and passionate feeling record, with the detailed and meaningful lyrics, take you on a trip to the beginning, past or present, of a young love story. As Mariah herself describes the track as one of her favorite songs she has ever recorded, there's no surprise, as she claims to have created the song as a painting or work of art--with layers of vocal tracks, colors or textures of her voice, and elegant lyrics. It has a soft, warm beat, with the chiming chorus chanting "young love." I lost my heart to this song, and I believe any couple would be able to find the beauty and true love of another listening to the song, imagining laying under twinkling stars as they "drift" to each other's arms and hearts. The comfort and serenity found in this ballad should be heard by all couples on this day, which is dedicated to those in, or falling in love. Thank you Mariah for recording such a gentile and timeless record--I love Underneath the Stars and you! (Mariahtino1) Bliss shows romance through its lyrics, melody, tone. The lyrics are very intimate and sensual, and express one's longing to be with their lover. It exhibits being in a state of ecstasy while having thoughts of what one would do with their partner. "Bliss" is an excellent example of the way lovers create fantasies of romance with each other, which reveals their deepest thoughts and dreams. The revelation of these feelings is very intimate and thus is an excellent serenade for Valentine's Day. (morphiah) Dreamlover - which I played on my wedding day (and quoted in my wedding vows)! Yes, the song is about a mythical "dream" lover, but somehow for me, over the past seven years with my partner, it has become about this person who arrived in my life and filled in the gaps of what MC's landmark record had meant to me for the previous decade before Michael came along. (sieraajahmed) Yours is the most romantic and incredibly beautiful song she sings. I paint pretty pictures in my head of the perfect love while listening to this song. She compares love and attributes of love to the most beautiful things. I feel the deep passion in every lyric. Her slow, deep and sensual tones to her literally heart stopping high notes. I spend this Valentine's Day alone this year, yet because of this song, I haven't given up on love. (Sassysammy) My All because she describes how badly she wants her love and she would go through everything and anything to get him back. The lyrics, music, and of course Mariah's amazing voice blend together in such an amazing way that they form this beautiful piece of romantic music. (Vahe) I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time. The lyrics are so sweet; they speak of an everlasting love. The music is so upbeat and happy. It's perfect for Valentine's Day. Mariah sounds beautiful in it. I love listening to this song, because Mariah sounds so happy like she's singing to the love of her life. (twirlygirl1) Underneath the Stars, because in that song Mariah shows the many ways of being fanciful. For one she delivers the song in a smooth but passionate way. She has a way of idealizing love and what it feels like to be loved and still managing to emphasize imagination and fantasy throughout the song. It's hard not to sit and dream to it! It's such a beautiful song! (Mariah Honey B. Angel) Joy Ride (which was also my wedding theme and the song I walked down the aisle to) because it embodies the euphoria you feel when you have joined together with someone for the joy ride of a lifetime!! (SSRED112) The Impossible, because it is such a perfect song. Just when you feel like you are down and out and giving up on love this song lets you know that it is not 'Impossible' in fact and you should not give up because love is out there for you...it's 'destined'. (Baby_Lexie1) Endless love, because that is the song that my husband and I 1st danced to at our wedding as Husband and Wife. Every time I hear that song I think of the most beautiful and special day of my life. Looking into my husband eyes, and singing it to him while we danced. (butapecan3)
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