Feb 27 2011

Lollipop Bling Available in the UK

Lollipop Bling fragrance collection is now out in the UK! Get these fantastic perfumes exclusively at The Fragrance Shop for only £11.99.
Ribbon: Ravished and Enraptured (A romantic duet both floral and fruity). A mouth watering fragrance inspired by the flavour of the Blue raspberry ring pop is combined with a beautiful floral bouquet.
Mine Again
Mine Again: Dangerously Delicious (A sensual blend of exotic flowers melt into a mouth-watering fruity temptation). A combination of chocolate Raspberry with a touch of Magnolia creates an addictive fragrance.
Honey: Sun-drenched sensuality ( a fusion of floral and citrus). An irresistible fragrance combined with a touch of Honey and Pineapple, creating a bright and sunny fragrance.
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- September 14, 2011
There are definitely loads of details li
There are definitely loads of
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