Apr 08 2011

L&S: A glimpse into Mariah's babymoon getaway

Life & Style was a butterfly on the wall during Mariah Carey's babymoon at an exclusive oceanside spa, where Mariah relaxed and reminisced about the journey of her pregnancy with her close friend, young multimedia maven B. Scott.

Mariah tells Life & Style about how B. Scott has helped her be glamorous while she anxiously awaits the arrival of her twins!

"I was being bleak. I was totally uninspired to glam it up for the baby shower. Thank God B. Scott came over and found a vintage Cavalli dress in my closet," Mariah reveals to Life & Style.

The beautiful photos taken that day would not have happened without a push from Mariah's pal. "'My Mimi must have this moment!'" Mariah says B. Scott told her that day. "'I can't sit back in good conscience as your good gay fairy god-sister and let you neglect the glamour, darling. Remember who you are! LOL"

"I'm so grateful to have you here with me," Mariah told him, "keeping me festive during this pregnancy."

Check out B. Scott's website here!

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