Jun 20 2011

Assistance with renewing and updating your HBF membership

If you are an existing Honey B. Fly member transferred to our new system, you will have the opportunity to activate the auto-renew option when your subscription is up for renewal. Active members will receive a renewal notice beginning 30 days before their expiration dates so they have ample time to update their memberships.

If your HBF subscription has expired, please follow these steps to renew/reactivate your account:

  • First login to MariahCarey.com
  • Then go to the SIGNUP page
  • Register for a Premium HBF membership

Your member information is stored in the system, and you simply need to reactivate your account. For your convenience, you will automatically be set up with recurring (auto) renewal. You always have the option to turn this feature off, if you wish:

  • Visit the MY ACCOUNT page
  • Click the Recurring Payments tab.
  • On the Status line, click the "cancel" link to deactivate auto-renew

Should you have any questions regarding this process or questions about your membership, use the Help Form and contact us.

Thank you,

Honey B. Fly

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