Jul 29 2011

MC's "Honey" Tops LA Weekly's Best Remixes List


1. Mariah Carey feat. The Lox & Mase, "Honey (The Bad Boy Remix)"

Mariah's collabo with the great unwashed Ol' Dirt Dog is the stuff of legend, but her team-up with Puffy's then pet project The Lox is just as novel, not least with professional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-lookalike Jadakiss getting the chance to air out the shiniest golden garb in his wardrobe. Elsewhere in the video, Mase ditches his own shiny suit to rap while dressed up as some sort of air-captain while Mariah sits on his lap. Puffy's ability to entertain should never be doubted.

LA Weekly

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- August 31, 2011
This is the correct weblog for anybody w
This is the correct weblog
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