Sep 20 2011

DUETS II featuring Tony Bennett & Mariah Duet In Stores Today!

Tony Bennett's album DUETS II featuring his beautiful duet with Mariah, "When Do The Bells Ring For Me" is in stores today! Be sure to get your copy in stores or purchase it on iTunes.

For the 1986 CD Astoria: Portrait of the Artist, composer Charles DeForest wrote three original songs for Tony Bennett including "When Do The Bells Ring For Me" and this recording of the song for the DUETS II sessions Tony chose Mariah Carey. "She's just so talented," said Bennett, "and she invited us to travel to her beautiful home in Los Angeles which is equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio.

During the session, recorded when she was close to giving birth to a set of twins, I kept kidding her that our record was more than just a duet because I was actually recording with three people! And let me just say that she knocked that performance right out of ballpark. She was sensational."



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