Nov 09 2011

Jenny Announces New Look, New Feel, New Brand Ambassador MARIAH CAREY


Jenny Craig, one of the world’s leading authorities on weight management, announced today an exciting new direction for the brand, and an enthusiastic new Brand Ambassador, Mariah Carey, who has lost 30 pounds* on Jenny.

No longer referred to as Jenny Craig, people everywhere will get to know Jenny on a first name basis. With a perky, fun attitude and an easy, refreshing approach to physical activity and weight loss, the new Jenny is sure to be unlike anything anyone’s seen before. And not only that, but the brand is more committed than ever to leading the charge to help America get healthy.

Ushering in the new era as Jenny’s new Brand Ambassador is Mariah Carey. Best-selling female artist of all time – Mariah Carey has more #1 singles than any solo artist in history, selling more than 200 million albums to date.

Mariah Carey started on Jenny in late July following the birth of her twins Monroe Cannon and Moroccan Scott Cannon in April, and is taking this public journey to shine a spotlight on the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, not only for herself, but for her children and for future generations. "I'm just here as a catalyst. Ideally this will help create awareness - my goal is to at least make a difference," said Carey.

Jenny is proud to announce it will be nationally supporting the American Heart Association’s My Heart. My Life. initiative that will include participation by Mariah Carey. Committed to combating the overwhelming health issues caused by weight-related diseases, Jenny is supporting the American Heart Association’s My Heart. My Life. initiative by launching a multi-faceted program in the coming year, including PSAs, community programs, education and online activations. Today, anyone can visit to get a link to the American Heart Association’s My Life Check, a simple questionnaire that evaluates your heart health and potential risk for heart disease.

Mariah Carey will serve as Jenny’s lead Brand Ambassador throughout this initiative and is excited to encourage and inspire others to live healthy, happy, active lives. “I feel like Jenny and the American Heart Association together is the beginning of a world class alliance,” said Carey. “An alliance that can help change things for the better.”

“As an artist, I use my voice to entertain. But, today I want to use my voice to draw attention to a serious matter. Two-thirds of the country is placing themselves at risk for heart disease and diabetes. Largely, that is due to unhealthy eating patterns and lack of physical activity. I obtained a greater understanding of this when I was pregnant with my twins and dealing with my own health issues. That’s why I feel so strongly about working with Jenny and the American Heart Association to help Americans get serious about their health as it pertains to these issues which are so important."

Dana Fiser, Global CEO of Jenny, is proud of Carey’s weight loss accomplishment and excited to have her on the team. “We are thrilled for Mariah’s success on our program, and are so impressed by her passion and dedication to helping other people get healthy and live their best lives,” said Fiser. “We stand united, hand in hand with Mariah and the American Heart Association, to create significant changes for future generations.”

Jenny is also excited to introduce a unique new program now available to clients called, “Jenny-Set-Go,” a brand new, four week program designed to help clients change their ways in only 28 days. For just $15, plus the cost of food, Jenny-Set-Go features a structured menu through a deck of cards for convenience, an online site at with the ability to download iTunes playlists, get workout plans, recipes for themselves and their families, and access to upload videos. It’s a fantastic jump start for anyone looking to break out of their rut, change their behavior and get healthy with Jenny.

25 lucky participants recently tested out Jenny-Set-Go on The Rosie Show on OWN, sharing their weight loss experience with viewers through a mystery program called Ready-Set-Go. Visit to see more about their experience.

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