Aug 13 2012

Mariah Is VH1's Greatest Artist of The 90's

And then there was one. For the final round of Bracket Madness for the greatest artist of the 90s crown, Mariah Carey and TLC went head to head for the title. One woman with a five range octave and No. 1 hits that reach the double digits versus three women considered one of the greatest girl groups of all time. There are few matchups as great (and tough) as this pairing. In the end Mariah’s reign as the pop diva trumped the CrazySexyCool stardom of TLC.

No matter how you slice it, music in the 90s was heavenly. Mariah Carey’s win represents all that was right with music. She was, and is, a versatile pop singer that dabbled in the R&B sound, she could actually blow, she writes her own material and her songs are timeless. We’re hitting the play button on a little “me and Mariah, go back like babies and pacifiers” to honor her “Triumphant” win.


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