Jan 16 2013

Mariah and Idol Judges Cover Hollywood Reporter, TV Guide




American Idol Returns, The Hollywood Reporter (full story)


On the Set: American Idol's New Tune Up (full story)


TV Guide Magazine: Mariah, why did you sign on to the show?
 For me, it's about finding brilliant talent. If you look at the record, it's unparalleled; no other show even comes close. I was approached by basically every other competition show there is, and it just didn't feel appropriate. But this could be really cool, because I could play a part in the career of someone who may not have gotten that same type of attention had I not joined the show. Not to say it's all about me, but, as an artist, to be able to participate in someone's career like that is such a great thing.

TV Guide Magazine: What do you bring to the panel?
I have an ear for what we're looking for in terms of listening to someone's pitch or their delivery. It's nice to see genuine talent meet the pure spirit of a young artist.


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