Apr 18 2013

Mariah Songs Performed on American Idol

In the first round, Amber sang "Without You," originally recorded by Badfinger and turned into a worldwide megahit by Mariah in 1994. Her rendition got mixed reviews from the judges who couldn't help but compare the performance to the impeccable one by Mariah.

Round two started with Candice who chose to sing a song by both of her idols. After confessing she was terrified to sing in front of Mariah, she performed "When You Believe," the epic, Academy Award winning duet between Mariah and Whitney Houston.

On Thursday's live show, America's results revealed it was Janelle's turn to leave the show. In an interview to E! News, Janelle said about Mariah:

"Throughout the live shows, I've felt the most connected to Mariah," she told us. "On results shows, she's always like lookin' at me. When I'm over on the couch, she's always just like glancing over and she'll give me some sort of wink or like a 'you look pretty,' and it makes me feel so good."
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